10 Best Portable Photo Printers 5×7 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Choice
HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer (Q7011A#ABA)
Good Choice
HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing, HP Instant Ink ready,...
Don't Miss
Mitsubishi Compact Digital Dye Sublimation Thermal Photo Printer, 2x6, 3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7,...
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Canon Pixma TS3320 Black, Works with Alexa
HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer (Q7011A#ABA)
HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing, HP Instant Ink ready,...
Mitsubishi Compact Digital Dye Sublimation Thermal Photo Printer, 2x6, 3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7,...
Canon Pixma TS3320 Black, Works with Alexa
Best Choice
HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer (Q7011A#ABA)
HP Photosmart 475 Compact Photo Printer (Q7011A#ABA)
Good Choice
HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing, HP Instant Ink ready,...
HP ENVY Photo 7855 All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing, HP Instant Ink ready,...
Don't Miss
Mitsubishi Compact Digital Dye Sublimation Thermal Photo Printer, 2x6, 3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7,...
Mitsubishi Compact Digital Dye Sublimation Thermal Photo Printer, 2x6, 3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7,...
Also Consider
Canon Pixma TS3320 Black, Works with Alexa
Canon Pixma TS3320 Black, Works with Alexa

With passing time, the use of modern and handy technology is increasing. Cellular phones have replaced computers, and Wi-Fi has replaced wired internet connections. The world is moving very fast, and we all are needed to update our living styles and our in-use gadgets to proceed with this world.  

Likewise, portable photo printers 5×7 have taken the place of more extensive and heavy printers that were only meant to be glued only at a single location.  

The beauty of portable photo printers lies in their ease of moving and carrying them anywhere and anytime. You need not go to a specific workplace or the place where a heavy printer is fixed to get your photos and documents printed.  

Nowadays, technology is growing at double speed. Different companies have manufactured even pocket-sized photo printers to give you the ease of printing instantly wherever there is a need to print.  

Portable Photo Printer 5x7

You don’t have to wait to go back to your printer to get a print-out of your required photo or document. Sounds impressive, right? 

So if you are the one who is searching for the best portable photo printers 5×7, then congrats! You have clicked on the right article. Because we, in this article, are going to revolve around the best 5×7 compact photo printersto make our audience aware of this super fantastic gadget. We are sure that you will feel confident and grateful after reading this highly research-based piece of information. 

So are you ready to explore information about the best 5×7 photo printers with us?  

Let’s get started with our exciting adventure of printers. So let’s first know that why printers are worthy of buying. 

Our Top Picks for Portable Photo Printers 5×7

Printer Preview

Printer Details



HP Photosmart 475

HP ENVY Photo 7855

Canon PIXMA TS3320

Mitsubishi Compact Digital Photo Printer

5×7 Photos Epson PictureMate PM-400

List of Portable Photo Printers 5×7

  1. HP Photosmart 475
  2. HP ENVY Photo 7855
  3. Canon PIXMA TS3320
  4. Mitsubishi Compact Digital Photo Printer
  5. 5×7 Photos Epson PictureMate PM-400

Top Rated Portable Photo Printers 5×7

There is a long list of portable photo printers on the market. All are offering multiple features and advancements, but still, some are far in the race. 

 Here we have summed up the top compact photo printers 5×7 after conducting in-depth research and collecting reviews from already using people. All this is done to give you an idea of suitable printers in advance to make it easier for you to pick up yours.  

Let’s jump onto the first portable photo printers 5×7 

1. HP Photosmart 475 Compact photo printer 5×7


  • Brand:- HP
  • Color:- White
  • Print Media:- Glossy Photo paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Color
  • Internal memory:- 1.5 GB
  • Display:- 2.5-inch colored display
  • Product Dimensions:- 12 × 9.6 × 7.6 inch
  • Product Weight:- 5 pounds
  • Built-in handle:- Yes
  • Sheet size supported:- 4×6, 5×7
  • Printing speed:- 60 secondsBluetooth connectivity:- Yes
  • Photos per charge:- 75
  • Remote control:- Yes.

HP Photosmart 475 Compact photo printer 5×7 Review

HP Photosmart 475 is an updated version of HP 375. It is capable of printing 5×7 sized photographs for you. We know that there are not enough portable photo printers 5×7 on the market. So we have brought this printer on our display list for our audience. It has all the unique features for printing good quality photographs like a pro. 

It allows you to connect your smartphones via Bluetooth 2.0 and start printing with just a single click. Its 1.5 GB internal memory is something extraordinary. You can store your photos and documents in this smart and compact 5×7 portable photo printer. 

Preview your images before and edit them as per your desire. The printer is ready to serve you extra by allowing you to edit your photos. You can do so by using its 2.5-inch color image display. 

Hence, HP Photosmart 475 is something that can fulfill your 5×7 instant photo printing needs very smartly. You will not regret buying it. 

2. HP ENVY Photo 7855 – Best portable photo printers 5×7 


  • Brand:- HP.
  • Color:- Black.
  • Print Media:- Envelopes, High-resolution paper, Plain paper, Glossy photo paper.
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet.
  • Printer Output:- Color.
  • Product Dimensions:- 17.87 × 7.6 × 19.33 inches.
  • Product Weight:- 16.72 pounds
  • Ink Cartridges:- Yes ( tri-colored)
  • Set up card:- Included.
  • USB cable:- Not included.
  • Power Cord:- Yes.
  • Phone Cord:- Yes.
  • SD card supported:- Yes.
  • Hardware warranty:- 1 year.
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.4 out of 5 stars.

HP ENVY Photo 7855 – Best portable photo printers 5×7 Review

HP Envy 7855 is an extra-amazing 5×7 compact photo printer that is equipped with extraordinary features. If we talk about its printing quality, then its photo printing quality is superb. It delivers brilliant colored, fade, and water-resistant photos within seconds.  

Wireless connectivity is there to save you from the hassle of connecting it through wires. You can print by establishing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection with your mobile very effortlessly. Also, Ethernet capability is a plus. 

HP smart app allows you to set this printer up effortlessly. Also, this application will enable you to perform various other functions, including scanning the document.  

The printer is quite affordable, and ink delivery services are also not very expensive. You can buy a good package from HP to save your money and time. 

We think these cons can be ignored easily as long as you have concerns with the photo quality. So, the printer is, no doubt, a good choice as a portable photo printers 5×7.

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3. Canon PIXMA TS3320 – smart 5×7 portable photo printer  


  • Brand:- CanonColor:- Black
  • Print Media:- Plain Paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Color
  • Product Dimensions:- 17.2 × 12.5 × 5.8 inches
  • Product Weight:- 9.83 pounds
  • Wireless connectivity:-Yes
  • Innovative application:- Yes
  • Borderless printing:- Yes,
  • Ink Cartridge:- 2 cartridges required.
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Canon PIXMA TS3320 – smart 5×7 portable photo printer Review

If you are looking for a reasonable and affordable, portable photo printers 5×7 that can amazingly print your photos anywhere, then Canon PIXMA TS3320 welcomes you to buy it. Why? Let us share the reasons. 

Canon PIXMA is a unique compact photo printer that is featured with a 2-Cartridge FINE Hybrid ink system. This advanced ink system ensures the printing and delivery of very fine-quality photos, and you will find those photos extra lively. 

Loading the paper tray is a straightforward chore for this remarkable printer. Thus, the printer offers you simple connectivity with your smartphone, and you can print multiple images and photos of yours.  

Its setup is extra simple. Even you can set your printer up within seconds. Also, it is featured with a 1.5” LCD screen that makes it possible for you to adjust and change your printer’s settings. Smart printer, right? Then why waiting for the stock to end? 

With varied connectivity options, simple UI with enhanced printing results, and easy setup, Canon PIXMA TS3320 slipped into the list of must-have compact photo printers 5×7. 

4. Mitsubishi Compact Digital Photo Printer; Best Portable Photo Printer for Printing 5×7 Photos 


  • Brand:- Mitsubishi
  • Color:- White
  • Print Media:- Plain paper
  • Printing Technology:- Thermal
  • Printer Output:- Color
  • Connectivity Technology:- USB
  • Supported sheet sizes:- 2×6, 3.5×5, 4×6, 5×7, 6×6, and 6×8 inches
  • Product Dimensions:- 10.8 × 17.6 × 6.7 inchesProduct Weight:- 27.6 pounds
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.9 out of 5 stars

Mitsubishi Compact Digital Photo Printer; Best Portable Photo Printer for Printing 5×7 Photos Review

Mitsubishi is an entire pack of advanced features. It is a professional printer that can be used both casually and professionally. It can turn your events and parties extra delightful. 

Furthermore, Mitsubishi is a portable photo printer 5×7 that can print excellent photos of size 5×7 instantly. You will wonder how fast the printer is. Its compatibility allows you to fit it in any space. Hence, it takes very little room to get fit in. 

Let’s talk about the resolution of photos and their quality. We are glad to inform you that Mitsubishi is a highly reliable printer in its photo quality. It is equipped with a 300 dpi high density and high-efficiency thermal head. 

Moreover, a unique cooling system is also there to improve and enhance the quality of printed photos by regulating the print head’s temperature. 

So if you are tired of your old, slow printer, and want to replace it with a most efficient and fast printer, then the Mitsubishi Compact Digital printer is a printer you should buy. 

5. Epson PictureMate PM-400; Compact 5×7 Photo Printer  


  • Brand:- Epson
  • Color:- White
  • Print Media:- Plain paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Color
  • Smartphone printing:- Enabled
  • Supported sheet size:- 5 × 7, 4 × 6 inches
  • Borderless printing:- Enabled
  • Built-in Card slot:- Available
  • Wi-Fi connectivity:- Yes.
  • Printing speed:- 36 seconds per print
  • Number of photo papers included:- 5
  • Users Guide included:- Yes.
  • Product Dimensions:- 15.1 × 9.8 × 7.9 inches.
  • Product Weight:- 6 pounds
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Epson PictureMate PM-400; Compact 5×7 Photo Printer Review

Epson PictureMate PM-400 in your hand, and you can rock the world. We know it might be tough for you to believe this phrase, but it is true. Epson is a very handy portable photo printer 5×7 that can print superb photographs for you within no time.  

It is featuring advanced printing functions and various connectivity options, including wireless connectivity and borderless printing. Hence it can do extra to provide you with extra pleasure.  


The printing speed of this printer is too quick to point out. You can get your photo ready in mere 37 seconds. Is anything more superficial than this?  Not. 

Adding on to its features, the printer is provided with a super cool 2.5 inch LCD screen that is much user-friendly and allows you to control and set your printer the way you want. 

The photos printed by this printer will be highly durable. Put them in water, and they will come out as before. Sounds super fantastic right? Want this quality in your photos? Grab this printer now! 

In short, Epson PictureMate is excellent to achieve your photo printing goals and can make your events extra special by printing great photos for you right at the moment. 

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Portable Photo Printers 5×7 – Buying Guide 

Portable Photo Printers 5x7

Why are portable photo printers 5×7 worth the money? 

Portable photo printer are worth buying because they can help you in several ways. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

Instant Printing of Memories 

Portable printer allow you to print your memories right at the instance of creating them. Most people are lazy in getting print-outs of their photos due to the hassle of heading towards the printing shops, or maybe they are short of time. Go with Compact printers 5×7 and give your memories a life right after capturing them in your phone or camera. 


“Time is wealth.” Say, wise men. So why waste time if you can save it. Portable photo printers are big time-savers indeed. With just one click, you can get your photos ready in your hand. We think that nothing is more fantastic than this. 

Ease of Mobility:

It is pretty easy to lift and move pocket-sized photo printers as compared to heavy printers. You can carry them in your backpack 24/7 with you. Hence if you are a photographer by profession, then portable photo printers can share your burden by printing your photos right away.  

Easy to Connect with 

Best 5×7 portable photo printers allow different options of connecting your devices from which you want to print photos. Some are Wi-Fi compatible, while others will enable you to connect via Bluetooth. Therefore, it is very straightforward to connect devices to the printer to get your photos printed. 

Besides these, there are many other reasons for portable photo printers 5×7 being worth buying and rising in popularity. We think you may be thinking of getting one for yourself. That’s why we are about to disclose a list of the best compact photo printers. Just be with us; we are no longer away from the list. 

Here you go! 

How to choose a perfect portable printer? 

How to choose Portable Photo Printer

The selection of a portable printer is like a walk in the Park. You have to look upon some factors and then analyze your printer with keeping those factors in mind. Let’s discover those critical factors.  

Inkjet Vs. Laser 

Choose between Laser and Inkjet Printer according to your needs. If you have to print in bulk quantity and there is a blend of images, graphics, and texts that you have to print, Inkjet is the best option. But if you are looking for a printer to print photos, then opt for Laser printers as they promise and deliver good quality photos and more durability of images than inkjet printers. 

Printer’s Performance 

The performance of a printer is something you should check first. The reason for this saying is that the quality of your prints will ultimately depend upon the performance of your portable photo printer 5×7.  

The performance includes,  

  • Speed of printer 
  • Resolution of printer 
  • Quality of printed photos. 
  • Compatibility of the printer. 
  • Connectivity options. 

All the things mentioned above will be counted in your printer’s performance, and you have to make sure to check them well before buying. Never compromise on the quality of your printed photos and documents because it is the only thing we need from a printer. 

Paper Sizes 

Check that which paper sizes are supported by the printer you have selected for purchase. Different people have different needs. Some want to print the documents in A4 size paper, while others want a portable photo printer 5×7.  

Another thing you should inspect is the ADF feature that allows you to load sheets for printing automatically. 

Charging Options 

Batteries are not the same in every printer. Some portable printers are equipped with rechargeable batteries and vice versa. You should analyze the battery timing and the type of battery well because a battery is the portable printer’s backbone.  

Compatibility with Devices 

Always opt for the printer that is most compatible with smartphones and iOS devices. This is because we can easily carry a mobile phone compared to PCs and laptops. So a mobile-compatible printer can give more convenient printing than the others. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose Portable Photo Printer faq

Do Portable Photo Printers have a Memory?  

Portable photo printers 5×7 have a volatile memory. It means it remains to save while printing the document, and then it gets deleted. Some advanced mobile printers have a non-volatile memory also. The data get saved into the printer until you delete it by yourself. So be careful while printing your confidential data. 

What is a Multi-functional Printer?  

A multi-functional printer offers multiple services by an identical unit. These services may include copying of documents, editing, sending faxes, and scanning the document. If you want to buy cost-effective printers, then these multi-functional printers are the best to opt for.  

Why do Colors look Different on a Printed Photo than the Original one? 

The reason for colors seem to be different is due to the difference in their color-producing ways. Printers use the four-colored model to produce colored photos. These colors include yellow, cyan, magenta, and black. On the other hand, a monitor uses a different model of colors to produce blooms. The model consists of Red, Blue, and Green colors. 

Can I get the Best Portable Photo Printer 5×7 for under 200 Dollars?  

Yes, you can quickly get a portable photo printer 5×7 for under 100 dollars. The mobile printers’ price range starts from $60 and ends up to $1000 or so. Make sure to get a good package in the first place or select the printer with minimal ink requirement. Many companies are offering reasonable packages and cost-effective subscriptions. You can choose the one that best suits your budget. 

Which One is the Best Portable Photo Printer 5×7? 

Technically speaking, all the printers mentioned in our buying guide are best at their ends. But as you know, there is only one winner of the race, so we have to say that Epson PictureMate PM-400 is winning the race at the moment. Why? There are several reasons for this Why.    The printer is featured with more than usual features. It provides good quality photos within a few seconds and is much cost-effective. The wireless connection is something that pours in many conveniences. There are other features too that are somehow better than the others. So if you ask us to recommend only one, then we will recommend Epson PictureMate. 


Getting your best compact photo printer 5×7 can be an easy task if you follow every single guideline provided in this article. The article is the result of our keen research about each product and its reviews. We have invested our time to save your time. 

We have tried to put every piece of information in this article, and we hope you are now up with the most precise information about the best portable photo printers 5×7.  

Now it’s up to you that whether you will get benefited from our research and hard work or not. 

 Honestly speaking, we are genuinely concerned about you and your problems, so let us know if you still have any. We will be there for you every time. 

Enjoy your purchase! 

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