How does Burr Coffee Grinder Work?

In this post we’ll find out how does Burr Coffee Grinder work, what points to keep in mind while purchasing the best burr coffee grinder, and many more.

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Since you’re here, we know that you’re an all-time coffee lover and you’ve discovered the secret of a savory cuppa coffee. You have learnt that grinding your own coffee beans can bring out the exact taste and aroma in your coffee that you’ve been longing for. Coffee enthusiasts care a lot about coffee grinders and if you’re investing in good quality whole beans coffee, then you must invest in a coffee grinder too.

The purpose of this post is to let you know all the things that you don’t normally get to hear about the burr coffee grinders. A burr coffee grinder is a great choice when it comes to grinding coffee. Whether you want to grind coffee beans for a coffee maker or for an espresso machine; a burr coffee grinder will do the task beautifully.

How to purchase the best burr coffee grinder?

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If you’re looking forward to purchase a burr coffee grinder, you’ll find a wide variety available. These grinders are available in various sizes and prices, and you must first determine your needs to buy one. Following are the factors that you should look for before purchasing a burr coffee grinder:

Particle size and consistency

The particle size and consistency of the coffee is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a burr coffee grinder. The particle size and consistency will determine how good the flavor and aroma of your coffee is going to be. Though the quality of the coffee beans also play a role in this, but the type of burr grinder will also have a role. To check this feature of a coffee grinder, you’ll have to test it first. The sharpness and nature of burr plates used in the burr grinder will determine the type of coffee ground produced.


Before buying a burr coffee grinder, you must look for one that offers a low speed. High speed grinders are difficult to clean as they build up static charge which causes the objects to be grinded attached to the plates. Coffee grinders have speed settings too, so if there is speed setting option available, then you’re good to go. Apart from this, grinding coffee at high speeds can heat up the coffee beans and can change the taste a bit.

Size and affordability

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A smaller footprint is always a good option as it takes less space in your kitchen and is portable too. If you want something very affordable, then go for a manual burr grinder. A manual burr grinder doesn’t provide a consistent grind though. An electric burr grinder is not so expensive and it produces a good quality grind without any coarse particles.

Expensive burr grinders are those that are made up of high quality materials and are designed to last longer than the cheaper models. So if you want to save money in future, you must go for the best burr coffee grinders so that you don’t have to buy a grinder again and again.


Not all the burr grinders have the same capacity. Some coffee grinders are able to hold more coffee than the others. Coffee tastes better if you grind the whole beans every time you’re going to brew it. You can grind your coffee beans for two to three days too to save time. This means that you don’t need a coffee grinder of too much capacity as you don’t need to grind a whole bulk of coffee beans at once. You can settle for a coffee grinder with small capacity unless you have to make coffee for a lot of people.

Grind settings:

If you’re fond of drinking different types of coffees, you should choose a burr grinder that offers a variety of grind settings. The high quality best burr coffee grinders offer many settings for grinding the coffee beans and producing a fine and consistent ground. According to the type of settings, there are the following types of grinders:

  • Stepped grinders: The stepped grinders are those that are equipped with a number of settings which you can choose from when you start grinding your coffee beans.
  • Stepless grinders: The stepless grinders are those that have options but no established settings. You can choose from the general range of settings. These grinders are an improved version of the stepped grinders as they offer unlimited options.

Cleaning and ease of use

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Burr coffee grinders differ from each other in terms of cleaning and ease of use too. If you are the one who wants to have a machine that it is easy to use and there are no complicated steps and procedures, then you must go for a less fancy design. So, it is imperative that you take out some time and read the instructions of the burr grinder you’re going to buy.


The heat produced by your burr coffee grinder can alter the taste of your coffee, so this is also an important factor. If your grinder gets too hot while grinding the coffee, it will burn the coffee and thus make the taste unpleasant. To avoid this problem, make sure that you go for a low speed grinder. Only high speed creates more heat while grinding and thus a low speed grinder will solve this issue. Some of the burr coffee grounders are equipped with speed settings that allow you to control the speed.


Burr coffee grinders are made up of stainless steel or ceramic. The ceramic burrs are long lasting and they produce the desired level of fineness for grinding coffee beans. Ceramic burr grinders cost more because of their efficiency. While ceramic burr is a good choice, but if it gets damaged, it is impossible to replace it.

Most of the burr coffee grinders are equipped with stainless steel burrs and they work perfectly too. The good thing about these burrs is that you can replace them easily if they get damaged ever.

How does a burr coffee grinder work?

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A burr coffee grinder is equipped with two abrasive surfaces that mill the whole coffee beans between them. The closer the abrasive surfaces are to each other, the finer the coffee ground is produced. So, a burr coffee grinder grinds the beans in between two burred plates. Some burr grinders have flat burrs or plates while the others have conical ones.

The best thing about the burr coffee grinders is that they produce coffee particles of same size, that is, a consistent grind that produces the best flavors and aroma. Blade coffee grinders produce inconsistent grind; the coffee particles produced are of different sizes and a cup of coffee might have over and under-extracted brew that will taste bad. The burr coffee grinds feature two burrs made up of either steel or ceramic and they oppose each other so that the coffee beans get stuck in between them and are cut from both the sides.

The burr grinders use a general principle for grinding the coffee beans; they are equipped with sharp plates or burrs that cut the coffee beans in a precise and controlled manner. The burrs act like a professional chef who’s chopping the beans into fine and consistent coffee grounds. The burrs of a coffee grinder perform far better than blades and are meant to provide an improved flavor to the coffee.

Difference between a flat and conical burr grinder

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Based on the type of burrs, the burr coffee grinders are of two types; flat and conical ones. Both the types have some pros and cons and some similarities and differences in terms of features. The conical and flat burr grinders produce fine and consistent coffee ground and it all depends on your choice when it comes to preference. Have a look at both of the burr coffee grinders:

Conical burr coffee grinders

A conical burr coffee grinder comprises of a cone-shaped abrasive screw that is known as augur. Also, there is an abrasive tunnel that funnels the beans and grind them from top of the machine down into a catch plate. Conical grinders work similar to the flat grinders and they are operated either manually or electrically.

Flat burr coffee grinders

The flat burr coffee grinders are equipped with two ring shaped plates that are of abrasive material and they grind the coffee beans by moving against each other. You can set the distance of operation between the plates and operate the grinder either manually or electrically.


A burr coffee grinder is very easy to use; you just have to pour the whole coffee beans into the grinder and switch it on. Some of the models even provide good control over the coarseness of the coffee particles so that you can make the type of coffee you desire for. For example, Turkish coffee needs very fine coffee grounds while the French-pressed coffee brew requires comparatively coarser grounds.

Burr coffee grinders offer good customization and adjustability to the coffee lover. They allow you to choose from different speed options and types of grinds. If you seek a unique coffee flavor experience, a burr coffee grinder would be the best investment.