Does A Soundbar Need To Be Centered? – 2023 Complete User Guide

A home theater is exactly what gives you the feel of being in a large-scale commercial theater. Mostly preferred by people who have a dire interest in the audio-related category, a home theater system has taken over almost every television set.

However, it can be expensive to purchase with difficulty in adjusting it in a compact television unit. This is the wall that a soundbar breaks!

It is simply a rectangular collection of multiple built-in speakers. You only need a small space to place it in your television unit, and it is a perfect piece of audio accessory to light up your karaoke evening with family and friends.

Placement Of A Soundbar

does a soundbar need to be centered 2

There is no doubt that a soundbar is a powerful accessory. The quality only comes out if it is placed appropriately at a location. A question that arises is if it is mandatory to place it at the center of the television.

Well, it is highly recommended if not mandatory. We will understand this better by reviewing the different positions where a soundbar is often placed inside a home.

The points mentioned below will further elaborate as to why it is highly recommended to centralize a soundbar.

Below The Television

The general practice is to place a soundbar right below the television. This can either be through a wall-mounting installation system or keeping it on a table. In both cases, a soundbar goes below the television and exactly at the center of it.

The sound has a tendency to scatter across the place. In the case of a room, the sound often bounces back to create a better aesthetic experience. For this purpose, it is important to centralize it in alignment with the television.

Our mind subconsciously understands when the sync between the audio and video is missing. Viewing an action scene right in front of your eyes can be enhanced by ensuring that the sound comes from that direction as well.

Above The Television

Placing a soundbar above the television depends on the type of model that you have purchased from the store. A few models require you to install the soundbar above the television.

This can be because they have been engineered to generate an immersive experience by throwing the sound at the ceiling. Such a model of a soundbar creates a circle-like vibe to better spread the effects of the audio.

This works only if the soundbar, along with you, is at the center or right in front of you just like your television.

Position Of The Television

We talk a lot about where we should place a soundbar so that it produces better output. The position of the television is one point that is often ignored. While it is a firm yes to whether a soundbar should be centered, the position of the television is equally important.

Television is installed, or mounted, right across the seating position to avoid neck strain. This takes care of a comfortable viewing experience while complementing the soundbar that is placed at the center of the television.

You can get it installed at a corner but the right effects would be produced only if you have centered the soundbar.

Tips To Keep In Mind

The points mentioned below further clarify with a more detailed explanation of how important it is to centralize a soundbar.

Wall Proximity

The sound is as good as the ambiance of the room. A smaller room may be unable to generate the desired output. A bigger room, on the other hand, can sound more pleasing to you.

The distance between the soundbar and the wall matters a lot. If the placement is in close proximity, then you would be disappointed after hearing your favorite music.

Also, keeping a soundbar in a direction other than towards would make you feel like the video is right in front of you but not the audio.

Imagine seeing a person right in front of you but hearing his or her voice from somewhere else.

Room Size

Even though this point runs on a similar line to what we talked about in the previous point, the explanation is more detailed here. The size of a room matters irrespective of the kind of soundbar you are purchasing.

In the case of a smaller room, you might just work your way with the built-in speaker of a television. A bigger room requires or rather deserves, the best-in-class sound effects.

You do not want the sound to scatter so much that you find it difficult to catch the beat of your favorite music.

The performance is much better when the soundbar is centered in the room along with the television. The central placement of a soundbar gives a more acoustic feel.


does a soundbar need to be centered

Alignment is a term that sophisticates the reason for centralizing a soundbar. From the perspective of an interior designer, every piece of furniture or accessory must align properly. One mistake and that catches the eye to cause irritation especially if someone has OCD.

Your television and soundbar can differ in terms of measurement. Your television can be bigger than the soundbar or the soundbar can be bigger than your television. Both can even be of the same size. In all three situations, a proper alignment is a must.

If the television is smaller, then centralize it as per the measurement of the soundbar. If the soundbar is smaller, then align it centrally as per the measurement of the television.

The best-case scenario is to have them in equal measurements. This makes the picture complete with a much better view for a television room.

Final Words

It is a basic principle that the sound goes in a particular direction. The improper placement can misdirect the sound to flow somewhere else. Considerations have also been discussed about the vertical placement of a soundbar.

This is something that is not recommended by professionals. You may give it a try but disappointment is inevitable in this scenario. It is only the centered placement of a soundbar that has proved to be effective till now.