Cheapest Airprint Printer 2021

cheapest airprint printer

In this article, we are going to give all the permanent solutions to your apple device printing. Also, we will provide you with some Cheapest Airprint Printer along with their features. These printers will surely help you get rid of everyday irritation and difficulties you have to face while trying to print documents or photos from your iPhone.  

Are you an iPhone or similar device user? And struggling hard with your printing tasks due to connectivity issues? Finding ways to get solutions but failing every time? Don’t worry; you will not fail this time because you have finally stepped into the right article.  

Moreover, Airprint Printers are beneficial to give you a hassle-free wireless printing solution. Hence, you don’t need to restrict your computer and printer within a cable connection that quite often gets disturbed, and all your printing progress can be lost. What can be weirder than this? 

 To avoid this nuisance, you should get your Airprint Printer enough to overcome all these issues very quickly. 

Our Top Picks for Cheapest Airprint Printer

Printer Preview

Printer Details



Kodak Smile Instant Digital printer

Brother Printer DCPJ152W

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100

Canon TS5120 Wireless All-in-one Printer

Xerox Phaser 3260/DI Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother MFC-J995DW

Canon Pixma TR4520

List of Cheapest Airprint Printer

  1. Kodak Smile Instant Digital printer
  2. HP DeskJet 2544 Compact Mobile Printer
  3. Brother Printer DCPJ152W
  4. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100
  5. Canon TS5120 Wireless All-in-one Printer
  6. Xerox Phaser 3260/DI Monochrome Laser Printer
  7. Brother MFC-J995DW  
  8. Canon Pixma TR4520

Some valuable tips for buying cheapest Airprint Printer

Here are some most helpful tips that can make you a smart buyer of an Airprint printer. Just follow them and save your money and efforts both.  

  • Buy the printers that are offered at very reasonable rates or good deals along with subscription packages. It will prove to be a cost-effective plan, though.  
  • Always go for good quality at cheap rates. We prefer compromising on rates rather than compromising on quality.  
  • Never stick to a single brand. Try considering different brands to strain out the best ones.  
  • Always check buyer’s reviews first before buying a printer. It will help you a lot getting a reliable printer for your iPhone printing.  
  • Never try to be over-smart as buying a printer from a sale offer is somehow not a good idea. 
  • Double-check the features of your printer as there is nothing trustworthy in this world. Also, do not rely on copy-pasted in-store details because these details come out to be wrong most of the time.  
  • Buy the printer from the company that is offering discounts on ink cartridges. It will save you money, and you will be relaxed about ink cartridges.  

The tips can do wonders if you follow them entirely, as mentioned. 

Now it’s time to head towards our top picks that we are bringing up in front of you to save your time and effort. But here comes a question that why consider our reviews? How are they going to serve you extra? So, here is your answer. Just go through it. 

Why consider our reviews and top picks? 

You must be thinking about why you should rely on our recommended products and what’s exceptional for us. So please wait. We will give you some genuine reasons that will be worthy of earning your trust. Let’s have a look. 

  1. We are a team of experts that is well versed in all the products related to printing. 
  1. We have spent days and nights conducting in-depth research to provide our audience with valuable information. This information is truly going to help you a lot while choosing a good Airprint printer. 
  1. We have taken opinions and reviews from many people who are already using these printers to know what is working for them and what is bothering them. The experience of others is a good teacher indeed. 
  1. We have formulated a complete guide to help you find what fits perfectly in your needs and budget.  
  1. We are genuinely concerned about our audience. We consider it our duty to provide you with all the accurate information that actually helps you get something super unique and helpful. 

Now, if you are ready to rely on our mentioned suggestions, let’s take you on an informational yet fun journey of the cheapest Airprint Printer. 

Top Rated Cheapest Airprint Printer

We have separated grams and lentils for our valuable audiences. We respect the difference in your locations and currencies. That’s why we have put forward a list of both the best photo printers under 100 dollars and best photo printers under $100. You can opt for the printer that best suits your currency type and location.  

Let’s start with our listing of the best photo printer for under 100 dollars. 

1. Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless; The Cheapest Airprint Printer 


  • Brand:- Canon
  • Color:- Black
  • Print Media:- Envelopes
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Color
  • Wireless connection:- Yes
  • Connectivity technology:- Wi-Fi
  • CD-ROM:- Yes
  • Product Dimensions:- 12 × 17.7 × 6 inches
  • Product Weight:- 11.9 pounds

Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless; The Cheapest Airprint Printer Review

If you are looking for a cheap printer that can genuinely print your photos and important documents directly from your iOS devices, then Canon Pixma MG3620 is something you should look into. Why? Because it allows you to print from iPhone, iPad, and MacBook like a pro.  

Adding on, Canon Pixma MG3620 is an impressively affordable Airprint printer that provides you with all the required features in a single unit. It is apt for wireless printing, flawless copying, and scanning of the document.  

Not only this, but the printer also provides you with various connectivity options for your convenience. Hence, it is simple to set and operate. The detailed user manual is there to learn each and every step you should know before getting started with it. 

Other features include automatic duplex printing, super-fast printing speed, and a Canon printing application that offers you to accomplish your printing task more efficiently. 

So, if you are looking for the cheapest Airprint printer that will not give a dent in your wallet, then Canon Pixma MG3620 is the best option to go with. 

  • Duplex printing.
  • Equipped with wireless connectivity.
  • Commendable printing speed.
  • Packaged with superb features and dirt cheap.
  • Space-saver.
  • There can be some issues with ink cartridge alignment.

2. HP DeskJet 2544 Compact Mobile Printer – Best HP Airprint Printer.  


  • Brand:- HP
  • Color:- White
  • Print Media:- Envelopes, Plain paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Colored prints
  • Product Dimensions:- 16.74 × 6.17 × 12.06 inches
  • Scanning Resolution:- 1200 dpi
  • Connectivity Technology:- Wi-Fi
  • Air print compatible:- Yes
  • Printing speed:- 20 prints per minute ( for black and white images)Printing speed:- 7 prints per minute ( for colored prints)
  • Scanner type:- Flatbed
  • Product Weight:- 7.94 pounds
  • Warranty:- 1 year
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.1 out of 5 stars.

HP DeskJet 2544 Compact Mobile Printer – Best HP Airprint Printer Review

Do you need an Airprint printer with an easy connectivity option and a sound paper handling system? HP DeskJet fits perfectly in this category.  

It is a low-priced and uniquely featured printer capable of performing various tasks, including printing your photos brilliantly, copying your notes, and scanning your variety of documents. 

Also, it is a compact printer that saves a lot of space on your working desk and makes it look more organized.  

Not only this, but you can also take it with yourself anywhere you want to. For example, you may need a printer on your business trip or printing photos at a long distant tailgate party. HP Deskjet is ready to serve you in both ways.  

Setting up this printer is a cinch. Therefore, we can proudly say that the printer is induced with all the features you are looking for in your cheapest Airprint Printer. 

Hence, HP DeskJet is an affordable option as a good, wireless Airprint printer. You can print through your iPhone and iPods via this printer without facing any kind of issue. It means that thinking of buying this printer can prove to be beneficial. 

  • Best for printing via smartphones, iPhones, and other iOS devices.
  • Wireless connectivity and easy built connection.
  • An all-in-one gadget that performs scanning, copying, and printing.
  • Prints rapidly.
  • High-resolution scanning.
  • It’s challenging to take out black prints sometimes.

3.Brother Printer DCPJ152W – Best Printer for iPad 


  • Brand:- Brother
  • Color:- Black
  • Print Media:- Plain paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Color
  • Product Dimensions:- 14.7 × 16.1 × 6.3 inches.
  • Product Weight:- 15.4 pounds.
  • Printing speed:- 33 prints per minute for black prints
  • Printing speed:- 27 prints per minute for colored prints
  • Airprint Compatible:- Yes
  • LCD:- Yes
  • Customer Reviews:- 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Brother Printer DCPJ152W – Best Printer for iPad Review

It is no doubt that Brother DCPJ152W is the best Airprint printer for an iPad as it has advanced printing options and wireless connectivity. Exceptional printing results with high-resolution scanning are something that this printer can handle effortlessly. 

It is a budget-friendly inkjet printer that doesn’t require you to pay through the nose. Its wireless compatibility and easy setup make it the best and the cheapest Airprint printer.  

It allows you to edit your photos and documents before getting them printed via the Brother application that is easily downloadable on your iPhone. Additionally, a 1.8” color display drags this printer into the list of top-quality Airprint printers. 

The printer is a great time saver with a fantastic printing speed of 33 ppm. Also, it is portable and compact enough to fit in any space or area. Thus, it can save a lot of space on your workspace or desk, and you can take it along with you on your trips and excursions. 

Brother Printer DCPJ is an in general, a good solution as an affordable Airprint Printer and is best for iPhone printing. 

  • Advanced touchscreen interface.
  • Capable of printing from multiple social media platforms.
  • Varied options for easy connectivity.
  • Fast printing out system.
  • Reliable functionality.
  • Suitable for printing photos.
  • Effective handling of light printing.
  • Nothing found.

4. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 – Best Epson Airprint Printer.


  • Brand:- EpsonColor:- Black
  • Print Media:- Plain paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Colored prints
  • Product Dimensions:- 23.5 × 17.2 × 8.1 inches.
  • Auto Document Feeder:- 30 page
  • Duplex printing:- Enabled
  • Borderless printing:- Enabled
  • ISO printing speed:- 15.8 ppm (black), 11 ppm (color)
  • LCD touchscreen:- 4.3 inches
  • Product Weight:- 21.5 pounds
  • Product Documentation:- Yes.
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.3 out of 5 stars

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 – Best Epson Airprint Printer Review

Epson Expression Premium XP-7100 is genuinely designed to meet all your expectations that you may have from an Airprint printer.  

It has an outstanding photo quality with which it can produce stunning photos and high-quality printed documents. Enjoy its enhanced productivity by a 30-page auto document feeder. 

Thanks to the borderless printing feature of this fantastic printer. It can print 8 × 10 inches, entirely stunning photos with enhanced colors and borderless patterns. Also, the printing speed of this printer is as fast as 12 seconds. 

Moreover, this printer gives you the chance to print your photos directly from Facebook and Instagram. Great features, right? But what is the price? You will wonder about the fact that the printer is available just for under 300 dollars. 

These are some out-of-the-box features that make this printer stand among the list of fastest and cheapest Airprint printer. 

Overall, after counting on all of its features, we can say that it’s a good Airprint Picture Printer that you would love after having it. 

  • Awesome printing quality.
  • Best compatibility with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other Apple devices.
  • Incredible printing speed.
  • The touchscreen interface is something extraordinary.
  • Easy to set and easy to deal with.
  • Durable and long-lasting. (For up to many years)
  • It may show vertical streaks on your prints sometimes.

5. Canon TS5120 Wireless All-in-one Printer – Cheapest colored Airprint Printer. 


  • Brand:- Canon
  • Color:- Black
  • Print Media:- Plain Paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Plain Paper
  • Product Dimensions:- 14.2 × 16.8 × 5.8 inches
  • Print Resolution:- 600 × 600 dpi
  • Print speed:- 19 prints per minute
  • LCD screen:- 2.5 inches
  • Connectivity Technology:- Hi-speed USB
  • Borderless printing:- YesBlue tooth:- Built-in 4.0
  • Printing application:- Yes
  • Air print Compatible:- Yes
  • Product Weight:- 14.3 pounds
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.2 out of 5 stars

Canon TS5120 Wireless All-in-one Printer – Cheapest colored Airprint Printer Review

Canon TS5120 will let you print with any Apple device, including iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.  We have added this printer to our top picks because we think you will love its features.  

This printer is truly versatile with multiple uses and a solid design. Also, it allows you to enjoy top-quality photos and documents printed within a few moments. Just connect your iPhone, iPads, smartphones, and tablets with this superb printer and get your job done at the very next moment. 

Other exciting features include auto power on/off button, high compatibility with iOS gadgets, and hassle-free printing via Cloud4, Bluetooth, and social media platforms. 

Honestly speaking, if you want an excellent printing system with a good printing speed and reliable printing result, then better go for Canon TS5120. 

  • Hybrid ink system
  • Most compatible with iPhone and MacBook.
  • LCD screen.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry and handle.
  • Unique printing features.
  • Duplex printing enabled.
  • Fits in everyone’s budget.
  • Nothing found

6. Xerox Phaser 3260/DI Monochrome Laser Printer –  Cheap Airprint Laser Printer  


  • Brand:- Xerox
  • Color:- Gray
  • Print Media:- Plain paper
  • Printing Technology:- Laser
  • Printer Output:- Monochrome
  • Print speed:- 29 ppm
  • Print resolution:- 600 × 600 dpi
  • Time per print:- Up to 8.5 seconds
  • Product Dimensions:- 16.5 × 17.5 × 13 inches
  • Product Weight:- 20.5 pounds
  • Customer Reviews:- 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Xerox Phaser 3260/DI Monochrome Laser Printer –  Cheap Airprint Laser Printer Review

Xerox Phaser 3260 is a dirt-cheap Airprint Laser Printer specifically manufactured to connect and print via Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.  

It offers you great peace of mind with its reliable and fast printing. You can buy it for your personal use as well for a small business team. In this way, you can save a lot of money and hence you will be compelled to say that it is the best and the cheapest Airprint Printer. 

Phaser can catch Wi-Fi signals itself without having any need for existing wireless networks. This is the best way to get the most out of this printer without any hassle of complicated connectivity. 

Also, you don’t need to learn books to know how to set up and operate them. The reason behind it is that it is straightforward to use and easy to set up this printer that can be operated even by a child. 

Xerox Phaser is a mini package of all the features you need to be in your Airprint printer. Hence its quiet nature, built-in connectivity, and not-so-expensive price make it a worth-buying Airprint printer. 

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Produce quality results.
  • Time and money-saver.
  • High printing resolution.
  • Warranty available.
  • Outstanding customer support service.
  • The feed tray is difficult to load.

7. Brother MFC-J995DW – A best cheap printer for iPad


  • Brand:- Brother
  • Color:- White
  • Print Media:- Plain paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Printer Output:- Color
  • Product Dimensions:- 7.7 × 13.4 × 17.1 inchesProduct Weight:- 19.2 pounds
  • Air print Compatible:- Yes
  • Mobile printing:- Enabled
  • Cloud compatibility:- Yes
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Brother MFC-J995DW – A best cheap printer for iPad Review

Brother MFC-J995DW is a magical printer, according to its users. We have collected honest reviews about this all-in-one printer, and people say that it’s incredible. Also, it’s the perfect printer to have in your home if you are fed up with getting your prints done by printing shops because of connectivity issues.  

Brother MFC J880DW allows you easy connection with your iPhone, iPad, and other devices by Apple. Also, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  

Additionally, the printer is effortless with the network integration, and it recognizes all the nearby devices immediately.  

The superficial INKvestment Tank System offers you ink cartridges for up to one year. Hence it is relatively cost-effective, and you can enjoy fun printing without the hassle of changing cartridges again and again for up to 1 year.  

Thus, if you want to feel confident enough while printing quality photos and documents, then you should try Brother MFC-J995DW. 

  • Incredible INKvestment tank system.
  • Confident printing with the help of page gauge
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Striking and stunning colored prints.
  • Affordable and the cheapest Airprint printer
  • Cloud-compatible.
  • Detailed users Manual.
  • It works slowly sometimes.

8. Canon Pixma TR4520 – Best all-in-one Airprint Printer


  • Brand:- Canon
  • Color:- Black
  • Print Media:- Glossy Photo Paper
  • Printing Technology:- Inkjet
  • Connectivity technology:- USB
  • Printer Output:- Color
  • Airprint Compatible:- Yes
  • Canon Application:- Yes.
  • Product Dimensions:- 17.3 × 11.7 × 7.5 inches
  • Product Weight:- 13 pounds.
  • Scanning:- Enabled.
  • Faxing:- Enabled.
  • Copying:- Enabled.
  • Customer Reviews:- 4.3 out of 5 stars

Canon Pixma TR4520 – Best all-in-one Airprint Printer Review

If you often face connectivity issues while connecting your iPhone to a printer, you are badly needed for Canon Pixma TR4520. You will be wondering that how this is possible. Let us brief you.  

Canon Pixma TR4520 allows you simple connectivity with any of the Apple smartphones or iOS devices. It is advanced, high in features, and an affordable printer at the same time. Thus, call it the best cheapest Airprint Printer. 

Moreover, it is cost-effective because it provides you with multiple functions, including scanning, faxing, and copying, and you can take all these services from a single printer. Inspiring right? 

A not-so-dark-side is that it doesn’t feature any touchscreen LCD. There is a button keypad that allows you to set and control various settings of this printer. It will enable you to start and stop printing and enter how many prints you intend to print. 

Hence, Canon PIXMA TR4520 is the cheapest Airprint Printer that is feature-filled and amazingly designed. So in our opinion, everyone should give it at least a single try. 

  • Works with Alexa
  • Light in weight
  • Compact.
  • Saves 10 percent on ink.
  • Welcomes USB connectivity.
  • Easy and effortless to port.
  • No subscription fees.
  • Best Canon Airprint printer.
  • Ink cartridges may be pricey for some people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Airprint Printer? 

An AirPrint printer is a printer that is engineered with Airprint technology. This technology allows all the Apple devices to connect flawlessly with all Airprint printers and make printing even more accessible and better. 

What to look for when buying an Airprint Printer? 

here are several essential factors you should look upon into an Airprint Printer before buying. 
Quality and resolution 
Everyone needs a high-quality picture printer because quality is the preferable thing. Decide between Laser printer and Inkjet printer. Laser printers are more promising about quality, while inkjet printers are a bit cheap than the former. 
Size of your printer 
Choose the size that fits your needs. If you need a printer for your personal use, then go for cheaper and smaller options. But if you want a printer for your business, consider those printers that are apt for handling bulk work. 
Printing speed 
Printing speed should be fast or intermediate. No one wants a slow and steady printer that takes years to print. So it is best to get the one with a minimum printing speed of 10 to 12 seconds. 
The printer should be compatible with a vast range of devices, especially iOS devices and Apple devices. 

Which is the best and cheapest Airprint printer? 

Although, all the products mentioned in this post are highly affordable and the best in their features. But if you need a single recommendation from us, then we will go by Cano Pixma MG3620.  
Here is the reason for this. The printer is very cheap to buy and affordable but induced with several incredible features, including good quality prints, fast printing speed, all-in-one functionality, and good paper handling capability. So you can opt for it without having a second thought. 

Do every printer support Airprint? 

No. Every printer is not meant to support the Airprint feature. Some specific models are highly compatible with Airprint and allow you to connect and print via your iPhone, iPods, MacBook, iPad, etc. These printers are readily available at online stores, and you can buy them if you need an Airprint compatible printer. 

Can I use these printers for my office and business? 

The question is fascinating but first, consider that the cheapest Airprint Printers are usually not designed to handle bulk printing. From bulk printing, what we mean is to print thousands of prints daily. You can consider the example of an art business or a printing shop.  
These printers are just for home and mild usage. For business, you should consider other options. 


People find it too hard to get the right printer for their iPhone and other Apple devices. But the fact is that it is not as tough as it comes. It is considered that connectivity issues between iOS devices and printers can’t be fixed. But our detailed guide on cheapest Airprint printers denies this myth. 

An Airprint is indeed the best solution to connectivity issues, and you can get high-quality prints through just one click by using Airprint printers. 

That is the reason we have summed up some excellent printers in our detailed post to give you some awareness about wireless Airprint printers. Also, it will help you a lot in choosing and buying the right one for you. So decide your final one and grab it now. 

So go through our post and let us know how informational it was to you. Also, share your thoughts with us. We wait to see and go through the valuable perspectives of our readers. 

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