Can a Soundbar Damage a TV? 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

The technologies implemented in our television sets have come a long way over the years, and many of the latest models even provide a home theatre experience.

Many people install soundbars with their television sets to have an around sound experience to take things up a notch.

If you are one of them, a question might wander in your mind: Can a soundbar damage a TV? You might remember the older model of TVs that were widely used a few decades ago. The magnet in the Soundbar can affect those box-shaped TV sets.

However, there is no specific proof that it can also harm plasma or LED television sets.

Soundbar: Overview

Soundbars are long-shaped speakers that can be attached to a television set to give a better sound experience.

Soundbars came to the market around a couple of decades ago, so if there is any prominent effect on our television sets, you should have known by now.


However, some consumers have faced some issues with their television sets after they have installed a soundbar. But it is not proved that the Soundbar is the root cause of their problems.

In the case of older boxed-shaped TVs, the mechanism and technology implemented within the display systems are considerably different than the latest TV models.

The big magnets of the soundbar speakers tend to have a shielding effect of magnetism over its components.

What should be the distance between the Soundbar and Your TV?

Different people tend to place their soundbars at other places according to their space and comfort. However, even the manufacturer of the Soundbar recommends placing a soundbar below the surface of your TV.

But most of the people who buy a soundbar are aware of this fact. We can’t entirely blame them, as the user manual that comes with the Soundbar does not have any information about the distance from the TV or placement of the soundbars.

The goal of soundbar placement is to achieve the highest possible sound quality.

Placing your Soundbar below the TV is also practical; you will usually sit right opposite your TV in most cases. So your ears can get a better throw of the sound in that position.

The ideal way to have this setup is to position your Soundbar right before your ear, which will be under the TV as you will be sitting opposite to it. Another option can be placing the Soundbar in front of the screen, which will not be a practical approach as it will hinder the visuals of the TV screen.

Can Speakers damage your TV?

It is experimentally proven in a study that any type of speaker, whether big or small, can have adverse effects on the components of the old TV boxes.

The primary reason for this effect is that most of the speakers available in the market consist of neodymium, which is considered one of the most potent varieties of a magnet across the globe.

However, the experts have also proven in the study that it has little to no effect on the latest models of the Television sets available in the current market.

Is it Practical to Position a Soundbar behind the Television Set?

It is technically achievable to install a soundbar behind any television set, and many individuals also try this approach because of lack of space.

However, because it would obscure the sound from your Soundbar, this is not the best position to install it. The quality of the sound thrown from the Soundbar can be considerably diminished if they are installed behind the TV.

The most practical approach should be placing the Soundbar below the Television set. And if you own a wall-mounted TV set, you can even mount your Soundbar right below your TV.

Moreover, various latest models of soundbars even come along with a bracket that can be utilized to mount them below your Smart TVs.

does soundbar damage a tv

And also, the main goal of the TV sound system is to produce a genuine version of the sound effects from the TV, which can’t be feasible if they are placed behind the TV.

Final Thoughts

The pace of the growth of today’s technologies is faster than ever before. And with more and more new appliances introduced in the market, various new questions arise in the minds of the consumers as most of the people from our previous generation have very little technical knowledge about the functioning of these specialized appliances.

If you’re also looking forward to buying a soundbar, this article should provide a great insight into the safety measures you should be taking while handling a soundbar.

So, for the question of “Does a soundbar damage a TV” the simple answer would be No, it does not!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Should you buy a soundbar?

It is undeniable that the sound quality of your movies or websites can be improved if you can install a soundbar with your television set.

Most of the current models of television sets have a compact design, so the speaker installed in them is much smaller compared to any speaker. So even if the picture quality is high, the bad sound system ruins the quality of your movie night.

So, if you consider installing a soundbar, you can have a memorable experience on each of your movie nights.

Q2: Can I put my soundbar on the floor?

It’s not entirely impractical to install your Soundbar on the floor, but something might fall over it, or you might trip and fall.

And it is also explicitly mentioned in the user manuals of the soundbars of some renowned companies such as LG or Samsung that the Soundbar should be installed within a protected space such as a cabinet below your television set. If this approach is not feasible for you, you can install your Soundbar on the floor.

Q3: What are the magnetic shielding effects?

Manufacturers install the components in the speaker in such a way that it can implement a magnetic Shielding effect, which can effectively protect the cathode ray tube of the TV. However, the latest model of TVs doesn’t require protective shielding.