Top 10 Best White Gaming Keyboard 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Editor's Pick
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough & Media...
Good Choice
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Key Switches - Tactile &...
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ROCCAT Vulcan 122 Mechanical PC Tactile Gaming Keyboard, Titan Switch, AIMO RGB Backlit...
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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough & Media...
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Key Switches - Tactile &...
ROCCAT Vulcan 122 Mechanical PC Tactile Gaming Keyboard, Titan Switch, AIMO RGB Backlit...
Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard Brown Switch 68-Keys Mini Design (60%) Gaming Wired...
Editor's Pick
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough & Media...
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical RAPIDFIRE Gaming Keyboard - USB Passthrough & Media...
Good Choice
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Key Switches - Tactile &...
Razer BlackWidow X Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Green Key Switches - Tactile &...
Don't Miss
ROCCAT Vulcan 122 Mechanical PC Tactile Gaming Keyboard, Titan Switch, AIMO RGB Backlit...
ROCCAT Vulcan 122 Mechanical PC Tactile Gaming Keyboard, Titan Switch, AIMO RGB Backlit...
Also Consider
Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard Brown Switch 68-Keys Mini Design (60%) Gaming Wired...
Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard Brown Switch 68-Keys Mini Design (60%) Gaming Wired...

For a gaming geek, the most important thing is to have a good quality gaming keyboard. A perfect gaming keyboard makes sure that the keystrokes you make are responsive and precise so that your gameplay is improved.

If you want to have the perfect type of gaming keyboard for your rig, there is nothing more beautiful and useful as the white gaming keyboard with RGB backlighting.

For gamers who are looking for the best white gaming keyboard, worry not because we’ve got you covered. So, whether you want to look cool while you’re shooting at the opposition in Fortnite or PUBG, or want to explore and build a beautiful world in Minecraft, the white gaming keyboards will take your gameplay to the next level.

This buying guide will help you make an informed decision regarding the best white gaming keyboard to buy.

Top-Rated White Gaming Keyboard

Our top picks for the Best white gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are better than traditional keyboards because they are more responsive and they have a good clicky feel. These keyboards are more reliable than the traditional ones as they are durable and are highly recommended for serious gamers.

For all the gamers who are looking forward to buy a gorgeous white gaming keyboard, following is a comprehensive list:

1. Corsair K70 Mk.2 SE – (Best overall)


  • Weight: 2.76 lbs
  • Dimensions: 17.2 X 6.5 X 1.5 inches (L X W X H)
  • Hardware platform: Mac, PC
  • Layout: US ANSI layout
  • Material: ABS plastic case
  • Anti-ghosting: Full N-key rollover
  • Interface: USB
  • Media keys: Dedicated

Corsair K70 Mk.2 SE Review

The Corsair K70 Mk.2 SE is one of the coolest white gaming keyboard available on the market. It has a beautiful design and it is very innovative and functional. It has a sleek design with a gorgeous array of rainbow backlights and genuine Cherry MX switches. Though the keyboard is expensive, but it has something for all the gaming geeks out there.

The keyboard is responsive and comfortable and is good for long gaming sessions. If you’re looking forward to play Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, or Call of Duty, then you won’t want a slow responding or uncomfortable keyboard that would ruin your gameplay. With the Corsair K70 keyboard, you’ll get the advantage of Rapid fire and they’ll delivery the accuracy you’ve been longing all the time.

Size and Design

The Corsair K70 Mk.2 SE is a full size keyboard with a wrist rest. There is comfortable space between the keys and there is very less space wasted on the beautiful black chassis. The keyboard has a brushed aluminum top plate and has an attractive gamer-friendly design.

The keyboard is durable and refined and it looks very elegant when paired with your gaming rig. The keys are slightly elevated and there are textured and smooth keys both.

The keyboard features USB pass through and some buttons that allow you to control game mode button. The placement of pass-through USB port is quite handy as it doesn’t interfere in the way of the mouse and always makes some space on the desk. There are some media keys too and the standard stop, pause, play, previous track, and next track buttons. The media keys are a bit stiff but if you aren’t going to use them then it doesn’t matter.


The switches in the Corsair keyboard include linear switches, quiet, and tactile ones. The Corsair keyboard allows you to choose from five different Cherry switches; brown, speed, red, silent, and the blue ones. The keyboard features switches for all types of gamers; from linear quiet switches to the tactile and noisy ones, you’ll get everything according to your gaming requirement.

The keycaps of this keyboard are made up of laser etched ABS keycaps in the black version. However, in the SE version of the white keyboard is equipped with PBT double shot keycaps which are of good quality. The font on the keycaps is wide and clear and is easily visible. The Corsair provides its own replacement keycap sets but you can customize them according to your own will.


The Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 runs on Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) and it offers amazing features with a bunch of lighting options. The good thing about this keyboard is that it is highly customizable and it allows you to create individual profiles of games, reprogram the keys, and record macros. The keyboard features three built-in profiles if you want to take the keyboard on the go.

If you want to keep the keyboard at your place, there are lots of programming options which you can save on the PC. The Corsair K70 is a perfect gaming keyboard as it features responsive and springy switches and high quality keycaps. The keyboard isn’t designed for a particular genre of games as it goes well for all types of games. The hardcore gamers might find it a bit difficult as there are no dedicated macro buttons.


  • There are so many switch options
  • It offers per key RGB lighting
  • The utility software is versatile
  • It has a beautiful design and great build quality
  • There is USB 2.0 pass through and 8 MB built-in memory


  • There are very less updates from previous models
  • There are no dedicated macro keys

2. Razer Huntsman- (Best for clicky keys)


  • Switch: Razer Opto-Mechanical
  • Media keys: With Fn
  • Game mode: Yes
  • Lighting: Per key RGB
  • Key rollover: 10-key with anti-ghosting
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Keycaps: ABS
  • Construction: ABS, Aluminum
  • Software: Razer Synapse 3

Razer Huntsman Review

The Huntsman is one of the finest gaming keyboards that uses optical switches for a smooth gaming experience. The Razor’s switches are very comfortable and are able to withstand the wear and tear of the long gaming sessions. It is a unique gaming keyboard with an adorable design, and delivers excellent value for money. The Huntsman is made up of high quality materials and the switches, optical or not, are incredible.

According to Razer, the optical switches are faster and more durable as compared to the traditional Cherry MX switches. This feature makes the keyboard a good choice for esports players because the gaming pressure is more focused towards the hardware as compared to a typist or average gamer.

The Huntsman is also compatible with Razer Hypershift that allows you to remap any key or keypress combination to a custom macro of your preference. The Razer Huntsman is overall an excellent white gaming keyboard that you can have for your gaming rig.

Size and design

The Huntsman features an aluminum chassis and the keys stand at a slight elevation above the chassis. This design gives an innovative and futuristic look to the keyboard. It is a white rectangular keyboard with the Razer logo at the top right. There is a neat and organized row of function indicators that lights up to indicate various functions. The key font is decent and are quiet appealing to the eyes.

The braided cable of the keyboard is hard wired and provides a secure and tough connection. There is no wrist-rest included in the Razer huntsman and the overall package is quite compact. There is a type-c cable with a secure latch that makes sure that the cable remains connected throughout your gaming session. It has a high quality aluminum construction that is covered with a matte aluminum top frame which improves the structural integrity.


The keys of Razer Huntsman have a slightly compressed horizontal layout. The sound of the keys is quiet soothing, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer. The Razer opto-mechanical switches are crispy and give a satisfying clicky sound when pressed.

The actuation bit is entirely optical and when you depress the key, an infrared beam is emitted from the base of the switch stalk that sends signal to the hardware. The optical mechanism of the switches make sure that there is no debounce delay which is found in mechanical switches.

Each of the switch is equipped with a space bar like bracket which is there to decrease the number of moving parts. This also makes sure that the key reaches downward in a smooth manner when pressed. The switches offer a fast and pleasant typing experience to the users.


The Razor Huntsman is perfect for gaming as it allows good control to the players. The keys offer an audible feedback and are quick and resistant. In spite of being resistant, the keys are comfortable to be pressed and doesn’t tire out the player. The clicky feedback is good for fast paced games as well as the slower titles.

If you’re looking for a portable option, this keyboard is not the one as there is a lack of detachable cable. There is a lack of extras such as the dedicated media keys which means that the keyboard isn’t suitable for all types of gaming environments. Also, Razer’s software is amazing for macro creation and lighting customization, both. You can also switch between five profiles in the cloud and store in the onboard memory. This is good enough to bring specific configurations and your default settings for your favorite games.

The Synapse can store as many profiles you want to and then sync them to as many apps and games as you wish. Though the keyboard is expensive, but if you need the speed and accuracy, it is worth it. The keyboard is a solid gaming keyboard for competitive players who need comfortable environment for long gaming sessions. If you’re quick enough in your best and most favorite games, the Razer Huntsman will be your ideal partner while gaming.


  • It has a light and compact design
  • The optical switches are quite accurate
  • The switches feature hair-trigger actuation
  • The switches are fast
  • The key stabilizer makes sure that the presses are precise


  • There is no detachable cable
  • There are not many extra features

3. Razer BlackWidow X Chroma – (Best for programmable macro support)


  • Switches: Razer green
  • Connection: USB
  • Illumination: RGB
  • Numpad: Yes
  • Anti-ghosting: 10 KRO
  • Media keys: Yes (integrated)
  • Macro keys: No
  • USB pass through: No
  • Extras: Fully programmable

AMD RX 580 8 GB GDDR5 Review

The Razer BlackWidow X features an amazing software and responsive mechanical switches. The keyboard is perfect for gaming but is not a good option for typing because of its unique design that interferes when you type. The new switches of this keyboard are designed to actuate at an optimal distance. This means that you don’t have to press the button too far if you want your click to be registered.

The colored lighting of the keyboard looks beautiful and the good thing is that there is a wide variety of options that allow you to customize the lighting. It delivers a solid performance along with great software; the only drawback is that it gets in the way of typing. The keyboard is good for gaming though and is perfect if you’re a fast paced gamer.


The BlackWidow X is a full-size tenkeyless keyboard with a row of macro keys. The design of this keyboard differs from other traditional keyboard when it comes to face plate. The BlackWidow X features a plastic plate that hides the lower half of the key caps. You can easily view the root and keycap of the switch because of the low profile face plate. The size of the keyboard is not too large and isn’t compact either.


There is no built-in wrist-rest in the keyboard which also helps to save space. The Razer BlackWidow X keyboard is equipped with its own hardware and is designed to handle a variety of features. The metal used in the keyboard is sturdy and there is a handy cable-routing trench on the underside too. There are a few USB ports and the macro keys aren’t there either.


The Razer BlackWidow X allows you to choose between the silent Razer Orange Switches and the Clicky Razer Green. The green keys are pleasantly noisy and are quite responsive too. The keycaps are deeper and overall give a good typing experience. The Razer keys allow you to hit them faster as compared to the Cherry MX keys and they are designed with a lifespan of 80 million strokes. The firm green switches are especially designed for a perfect gaming experience.

Since the faceplate is a bit deep, you can hit the adjacent keys by mistake. The faceplate, however, is quite handy as it allows the keyboard to sit firmly on the desk. The keys are exposed and it gives quite a satisfying feeling to the user, especially for gaming. The fonts on the keycaps are clear and visible and they don’t wear off or fade even after excessive use for years. The keyboard switches are durable and have an amazing response overall.


The Razer gaming keyboard features Razer Synapse 2.0 software which allows you to register an online profile that you can have for using the keyboard. There is a main keyboard menu that allows you to select the profile and save your preferred settings. There is a Chroma configurator section that allows fine-tuning and create effects such as rippling, breathing, and reactive ones. You can use the shortcuts for the WASD, function, and arrow keys.

It is an all-purpose keyboard and is not designed particularly for typists or gamers in general. The macro keys in the keyboard are favorable for those gamers who play multiplayer online games. The keys are very responsive no matter which type of game you play. The switches are both comfortable and durable and thus they are fit for all types of genre. Overall, it is a cool looking white gaming keyboard with responsive switches, amazing performance, and gorgeous backlighting.


  • It has a unique and stylish design
  • The RGB lighting is cool
  • It features high quality Razer made switches
  • The metal keyboard deck is improved and exposed
  • The lighting and software are versatile


  • There is no USB pass-through
  • It isn’t good for typing
  • It is expensive

4. Rii RK100+ White Gaming Keyboard – (Best for compatibility)


  • Size: 17.1 X 5.3 X 0.9 inches
  • Keys: 104
  • Backlit: Multiple mixed colors
  • Support: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Google, Android, Raspberry Pi, Mac IOS, HTPC IPTV Smart TV

AMD RX 580 8 GB GDDR5 Review

The Rii RK100 is a large size keyboard and is a good option for gamers who are on tight budget. The keyboard features RGB and delivers a professional mechanical feeling through the high quality switches. The backlit gaming keyboard is large but it still fits easily into any gaming space. The best thing about this keyboard is that, it delivers excellent value for money.

The RGB is quite appealing to the eyes, the feedback provided by the keys is superb, and it performs overall very well in various types of gaming situations. The keyboard suits well for all types of gaming genres, but if you’re that type of a gamer who’s more interested in a highly clicky feedback, then you might not be very happy.


Though the design of the keyboard is purely mechanical, but it looks more like a membrane keyboard. The keyboard has an excellent build quality and is designed to last for many years. The keyboard has a sleek and stylish black finish and offers a USB wired connection. The multimedia keys are located near the function keys which are normally present on the top in other keyboards; this feature has reduced the overall size of the keyboard from 6.5 to 5 inches.


The Rii RK100 is suitable for gaming as well as for office use. The white gaming keyboard is equipped with grippers on the legs so that it remains still on any surface while you’re involved in intense gaming sessions. The best thing about the Rii RK100 gaming keyboard is that it supports various other devices which include systems such as Chrome OS, IPTV Smart TV Mac OS, and Raspberry Pi.

According to the manufacturer, the Rii RK100 is a mechanical keyboard but the keys don’t feel much like mechanical ones. Though the response is good, but when the keys are pressed, very little sound is produced. The keyboard goes into sleeping mode automatically when there is 10 minutes of no activity. This is indicated by backlights going off; the backlights are awaken when any key is pressed.


  • It is good for gaming
  • It is available at a reasonable price tag
  • It supports a variety of operating systems


  • Build quality isn’t up to the mark

5. Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO- (Best looking keyboard)


  • Switches: Roccat Titan (tactile or linear)
  • Lighting: Per key RGB
  • Media keys: Yes
  • Interface: USB type-A
  • Onboard storage: 512 KB
  • Software: Roccat Swarm
  • Construction: Aluminum top plate, plastic base

AMD RX 580 8 GB GDDR5 Review

The Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO is a cool gaming keyboard that has a unique design and is quite comfortable. The keyboard provides a good typing experience and delivers a superb feedback to the gamers as well. It is a full-sized keyboard and will prove to be a reliable and durable gaming partner for you. The keyboard uses homegrown switches that have a shorter travel than the Cherry MX switches.

The Roccat Vulcan has managed to gain popularity among many gamers because of its features. Though the keyboard is expensive, but it has a lot to offer to the gaming geeks out there. The best and the most appealing thing is the look, which looks beautiful when the RGB is turned on.


The Roccat keyboard has a black plastic body with the top made up of gunmetal colored aluminum keyboard tray. The keys are elevated and that result in the RGB lighting being exposed in a beautiful way. There is a silver brushed metal that goes across the plastic base. If you want a keyboard that is fancy and colorful, the Roccat keyboard is perfect for you.

There is a magnetic palm rest that features the Roccat logo; the palm rest is too thin and is not much supportive. The keyboard is large and it takes up more desk space that other full-sized gaming keyboards. It has a flip-out feet and there are numerous rubber feet below the base that allow the keyboard to sit firmly and straight. There is an Fx button that allows you to turn the RGB brightness to low and high.


The keyboard has a floating keycap design that make the RGB switches more visible. The Roccat Vulcan is available either with linear or tactile switches. The switches have plastic keycaps that produce a nice clacking sound when they are activated. The switches are, however, silent and resemble to the Cherry MX Brown switches in performance.

The Roccan Titan switch has a 3.6 mm travel distance and it actuates at 1.8 mm. According to Roccat, the switches are designed to resist debouncing and remain stable throughout. The keys are spaced a bit apart so it will take some time to adjust to them. The dished keycaps are comfortable during long gaming sessions and the snapping and bumping sound is satisfying.


The keyboard is equipped with handy features for gamers such as there are easily accessible profiles; you can access them through the Fn keys. Using these keys you can launch your favorite games or other apps. There are six macro keys which are useful for programming and they also feature pre-set configurations for more than 30 famous PC games. The Roccat Vulcan white gaming keyboard has a fashionable look and is equipped with modern features for the gamers.


  • It has an attractive build with cool RGB
  • It features extensive key mapping and macro programming
  • The keycaps are dished
  • There are 4 profiles that auto-launch with games
  • It is easy to clean
  • The switches are comfortable


  • It is expensive
  • Wrist rest isn’t too comfortable

6. Magicforce 68 – (Best budget pick)


  • Switch: Gateron, Cherry or Oetemu options
  • Backlight: None
  • Software: None
  • Connection: USB-mini
  • Keycap materials: ABS
  • Keycap profile: OEM
  • Media keys: Via Fn layer

AMD RX 580 8 GB GDDR5 Review

The Magicforce 68 is an affordable gaming keyboard which has a beautiful design and lots of switch options. The keyboard is super compact and it saves a lot of disk space because of its layout. The keyboard features white backlight and genuine Cherry MX switches. The keyboard has a 65% form factor (mini form factor with arrow keys) and a standard ANSI layout.

The white gaming keyboard is more ergonomic as compared to other full-sized gaming keyboards. Its compact design allows you to access the home row easily without moving your arms from side to side. It features N-key rollover which is another handy feature for gamers.


The Magicforce 68 has a unique design and layout as it combines the compactness of a 60% keyboard with some of the most important keys of a TKL design. The F keys have also been removed and there is a Fn layer where you can find the media controls as well. The top plate is made up of metal and its silver and has an anodized coat.


Above the arrow cluster, there is a glossy Magicforce logo and there are no status LEDs or other design elements. The keyboard uses a standard mini USB connection where the cable is removable. There is a routing channel for keyboard below it which allows handy organization of cables.


The Premium model of this keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX switches with backlit keys while the budget model consists of the MX clone switches (Kailh and Outemu) without backlighting. The Cherry MX brown switch is an all-round type and is good for gaming and typing tasks both. The switch is non-clicky with a tactile bump and features a very light actuation force of 45 g. The switches help improve the gaming performance as the release point and actuation point are the same.


The white gaming keyboard comes with no software and there aren’t much customization options either. You can only customize the LED illuminations and make some changes using the DIP switches. Overall the keyboard is very well designed and what makes it unique is its affordability. The keyboard features genuine Cherry MX keys, good quality doubleshot keycaps, standard key sizes, a floating key design, and aluminum backplate.


  • It features white backlighting
  • There are rubberized feet for good grip
  • It is equipped with detachable mini-USB
  • It has a good compact 68 key design
  • It has an excellent build quality
  • There are multiple switch options
  • It features an attractive floating key design


  • The ABS keycaps are cheap and thin
  • There is no customization software

Things you MUST KNOW before choosing your Best White Gaming Keyboard

White Gaming Keyboard

If you’re in the market for buying a white gaming keyboard, there are a few things that you should consider. If you’re not a hard core gamer, then any white keyboard would do the task for you. However, if you’re particular about some requirements, then you must go through these factors:


For choosing a gaming keyboard, you must pay attention to its design. The design of a gaming keyboard will tell you whether the keyboard is ergonomic or compact; it will also tell you the overall functional layout of the keyboard. RGB lights are also an important part of a gaming keyboard as they add value to the aesthetics. A mechanical keyboard is available in different sizes which include the full size, tenkeyless, and the 60% one.

If you are used to playing long gaming sessions, then a soft and comfortable wrist-rest will help you a lot. A wrist-rest is a detachable device that allows your wrist to align with the keyboard and reduces discomfort and fatigue on the wrist.

Also, though we recommend RGB lighting, they aren’t necessary for good gaming and just add to the aesthetic value. A gaming keyboard does fine even if there is monochrome lighting; the main aim is to have a gaming keyboard that illuminates properly so that you are able to play when there is poor lighting arrangement.


Gaming keyboards are equipped with switches that are either mechanical or rubber-dome type. The mechanical switches are more responsive and thus they are mostly preferred by the gamers. Rubber-dome switches are soft when pressed and they are more suitable for typing. Cherry MX switches are one of the best ones as and are mostly used in gaming keyboards. Apart from Cherry MX, there are other good options too such as Gateron and Outemu.

The Cherry MX switches are designated according to their colors and the most popular ones include blue switch, brown switch, and red switch. The blue switches are the noisiest ones and are most suitable for data entry and other typing tasks. The brown switches are less noisy and are easily triggered as compared to the blue switches. These keys have a faster response and are good for gaming. The red switches are also known as linear switches and they have a light feel and are very quiet. These switches are recommended for fast-paced gaming.


There are some gaming keyboards that won’t allow you to change anything, but there are some of them that will have lots of customizable options. The customizable keyboards are those that have additional buttons which allow you to add macros using a software or perform other functions. The custom-built gaming keyboards are those that have a completely remapped layout which allows you to give a personal touch to it.

Customizable options also include lights and other controls that allow you to use the keyboard according to your preference. For some gamers, customizability isn’t important but we recommend considering it for a good gaming experience.


Gaming Keyboard

Make sure the gaming keyboard you’re going to buy is compatible with the operating system of your gaming rig. The wired gaming keyboards have lesser compatibility options as compared to the wireless ones. However, most of the gaming keyboards will go well with Windows and have a limited compatibility with Mac.


If you want to know whether your keyboard is durable or not, you must look at the case and the top plate. If the plate and the top case are made up of aluminum, it indicates that the keyboard is of good quality and is durable. However, the durability also depends on the manufacturer. There are some manufacturers that are well known for their durability and high quality components, while others use cheap components for and compromise on the build quality.

Noise of Keys

The noise of keys is also an important factor to consider. If you’re the type of gamer who gets disturbed by the noise of anything while gaming, then you must look for a keyboard that is quiet. The clicky switches are the loudest ones while the linear switches are the quietest. If you want something in between, you can try the tactile switches that are neither too noisy nor too quiet.


Anti-ghosting is a good feature especially from gaming point of view. If there is no anti-ghosting, the multiple keys pressed at once will not be registered. Most of the games require the player to press multiple keys at once and if all of them don’t get registered, it can be an issue. However, with the N-key rollover and anti-ghosting feature, you can press multiple buttons at once and the good thing is that they all will be registered.

Lifespan and Warranty

Gaming Keyboard White

The lifespan and warranty of a gaming keyboard varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. As stated above, the Cherry MX switches are the most durable ones and they last for long. Other factors such as water resistance also add to the lifespan and durability of a keyboard. A good warranty from the manufacturer is always helpful as it allows you to replace the keyboard whenever there is damage.

What is a gaming/mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is the one that is equipped with spring actuated high caliber key switches. These key switches depend on the keyboard’s software for functioning. As compared to the elastic vault keyboards, the mechanical keyboards have a better key development, type print techniques, PCB board, and LED lighting.

How do gaming/mechanical keyboards work?

The mechanical keyboards are equipped with a physical switch below each key which determines and registers when a key is pressed. When the key is pressed down, the switch also reaches down and sends signal to the PC that a key has been pressed. The gaming keyboards offer a better feedback because the keys are more responsive. These keyboards are also equipped with N-key rollover; a feature that registers every key press independently.

Are gaming keyboards too loud?

A good gaming or mechanical keyboard is very satisfying to type on, but it is possible that the people in your surroundings might not be pleased with it. The mechanical keyboards are louder than the membrane keyboards. One thing to remember is that, the typing technique also effects the noise level created by a keyboard.

Are gaming keyboards worth the price?

Gaming keyboards deliver excellent value for money as they are equipped with really handy features for all the gamers out there. Though they are a bit expensive, but they are worth it. These keyboards are reliable and they have a long lifespan too, thus investing in them isn’t a risky thing. Not only will you notice an improved gaming performance and a better comfort, but your fingers will also be satisfied by the responsive feedback.


Though white gaming keyboards look gorgeous, but one problem with them is that they are difficult to clean. The keys can easily get dirty because of the oil and moisture that results from your fingers. To make sure that your white gaming keyboard looks nice and clean all the time, clean it regularly using a mildly damp microfiber cloth. We hope that we have guided you well in making your buying decision smoother and less stressful.

If you’re looking for a beautiful white gaming keyboard to complete your gaming rig, there are many options you can choose from. We have jotted down a list of the best white gaming keyboards available on the market. We narrowed our choices by considering various features such as the ergonomic design, the keys, and the switches.

If budget is not an issue, we recommend buying the Corsair K70 or Razer Huntsman reviewed in this post. These are one of the best white gaming keyboards available on the market, and they will definitely meet your requirements as a gamer.