Best Way to Carry a Camera While Traveling – 2023 Guide

In this post we’ll get to know what is the best way to carry a camera while traveling, some of the recommendations for packing a camera in your camera bag and how to protect your camera gear while travelling. To help you navigate through this post, consider the following:

A camera in your drawer is safe, but that is not what cameras are made for. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just want to capture some beautiful moments while you’re traveling, you must learn to carry your camera safely.  

A camera goes through a lot; it might get tumbled down, bashed or banged countless times, and even get splashed in water or rainfall. For anything like street photography, adventure sports, landscapes, and more, you’ll need to put your camera at risk to get that perfect shot. However, these things shouldn’t worry you and become an obstacle to your photography skills. In this post we’ll tell you the best way to carry a camera while traveling,

Best way to carry a camera while traveling

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Once you’ve decided to pursue your travel photography hobby, there’s no going back. How you want to carry a camera while traveling will depend on your preferences. For example, if you need quick access, you’ll need a strap or clip or clip to keep it attached to your body. However, if you’re traveling to some destination for doing photography and don’t need your camera while you’re on the transport. So following are the ways that will help you carry a camera efficiently while you’re travelling:

  • Use a durable and compact camera bag
    If you’ve a compact and sturdy camera bag with you while traveling, fear nothing. You can easily have a small camera bag if you own a mirrorless camera or entry level DSLR as they are quite compact and lightweight. A camera bag offers a nice way to protect your camera on the go. Whether the weather is rainy or dusty, a camera bag will keep your camera safe.
  • Use a camera strap
    Camera straps are really handy as it acts as a substitute for hands. When there is no surface where you can rest your camera, a camera strap holds the camera for you while you perform other tasks. Carrying your camera on your neck can cause stiff neck and soreness too. Thus, it is better to use a camera strap as it can attach on a backpack or can be worn over the shoulders too.
  • Use a camera clip
    A camera clip allows you to attach your camera to anything, such as your belt. A camera clip holds your camera firmly to your body and it provides you quick access to the camera. Such a clip detaches easily and thus is a good option for those who want their camera ready to be used all the times.
  • Keep your camera attached to your body
    A golden rule for carrying a camera while traveling is that you keep the camera attached to your body all the time. If your camera is always attached to your body whether it’s in a bag or through a strap, you’ll be able to access it easily and it will be in front of your eyes all the time too.

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Rules for packing a camera in your camera bag

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A high quality camera features beautiful depth of field, amazing focal range, and a beefy sensor size. Your camera along with the photography gear and accessories can help you achieve the level of photography you’ve been waiting for a long time. If you pack your camera and gear carefully, you won’t face any problem while traveling. Following are some rules you should follow to pack a camera in your camera bag:

  • Take out all the parts every single time
    You have to take out all the parts of the camera before you pack it. This means, you have to take out the lens and separate all the things. This might be frustrating for some, but it is important especially if you have an expensive camera. Especially if you’re going on a long or bumpy ride, never forget to take out the lens as it can damage the mounting threads.
  • Pack the parts separately
    Once you have taken out the parts, divide them properly and separately in the bag. The lens shouldn’t be touching each other and the camera body should be safely packed. All the parts of the camera should be packed in padded compartments. This is why camera bags are very handy because they have many compartments and portions.
  • Tighten up everything
    Pack all the camera equipment tightly and secure any loose items such as SD cards, batteries, and lenses. This will prevent the loose items and parts from rattling around in the bag and get damaged. Always check the lens caps, cases, straps, and covers and make sure they are not in contact with each other. This makes sure that the items remain safe when the camera bag shakes or gets crashed into something.  
  • Use silica gel packs to prevent moisture
    This is a great hack especially if you’re going to travel to a destination where the weather is rainy or humid. You might have noticed small packs of silica gel when you had opened the camera box, those tiny things are quite important. Keep them in your camera bag so that they trap moisture and keep your equipment safe. Though these packs won’t save your camera from a water splash, but they’ll protect it when there’s too much humidity and condensation.
  • Organize the cords
    In most of the cases, the touch screen of your camera gets damaged because of the un-organized charging cords. Though they look harmless, but they are the ones that cause harm to the sensitive touch screen of the camera. Before packing your camera in the camera bag, you must bind them and put them separately, this will also reduce the clutter.
  • Get rid of extra accessories
    Do you really need a filter and flash or can you survive without them? No one knows your requirements better than you and so you must decide which things you need for traveling more than the others. It is important to take lesser things with you while traveling as it will reduce the clutter and make your camera bag weigh lesser.

How to keep your camera gear safe while traveling?

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While you’re traveling, you must make sure that your camera gear is safe. If you’ll be moving a lot, then you must make sure that you have made proper arrangements to keep your precious things safe. The following tips will help you keep your camera gear safe while traveling:

  • Conceal the camera brand and model
    I know you must be happy after owning a high quality and brand new camera, but this isn’t the time to invite envious people around you. Thieves would always keep an eye on you if they get a slightest hint that you’re carrying an expensive camera with you. So, we recommend hiding the camera brand and model using a black duct tape. Get rid of the manufacturer’s strap and hide the logo on the camera body.
  • Pen down everything
    Before you start traveling, note down the model and serial numbers of all of the gear you own. Make two copies of this information so that it remains safe. If anything bad happens to your camera and equipment, you’ll have all the information with you. For example, if your camera gets stolen while you’re traveling, you’ll claim it easily by informing about the serial and model numbers to the police.
  • Go simple and tone it down
    If you have a new camera bag and camera gear, then you’ll certainly draw attention of the thieves. Apart from concealing the brand and model, you can do one more thing. You can tone your camera bag down by making it a bit dirty. Beat it and smash it so it looks like used and weary. If you have a brand new looking camera bag, it will tell the thieves that you don’t travel much and you own an expensive equipment too. The main aim is to go simple so that you don’t face any trouble later.
  • Insure the camera gear
    Since you have done everything to keep your camera gear safe while traveling, an important thing that is left is to insure it. What if your camera got stolen or you lost it somewhere? What if it gets damaged due to an uncertain event? The first thing you should do is to get your equipment insured so that when some mishap happens, you can at least have it replaced or get some sort of compensation.


When you plan for travel photography, you must be thinking about how you’ll be capturing gorgeous clicks and not about keeping your camera gear safe. If you already plan everything beforehand and make preparations to carry your camera safely, you’ll be able to shoot beautiful pictures without any trouble.

There is no particular way to carry your camera while traveling, and it all depends which way you’re more comfortable. However, there are certain things that can help you remain safe while you’re carrying a camera. We hope that this post has comprehensively described the safe and best way to carry a camera while traveling and answered all of you queries.