Top 10 Best Outdoor Gas Griddle 2023 – Flat Top Grills Review

An outdoor experience is not complete without a griddle. You can change the atmosphere with a good grindle, surrounded by nature or in your backyard.

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Many meals are better cooked outside, no matter how good your kitchen is. Preparing meals for an event requires the best outdoor griddle to meet your needs. There are plenty of choices, and it is certainly not an investment you always make, so we decided to help you choose the best outdoor gas griddles.

Best Outdoor Gas Griddles

1. Blackstone 28 Inch

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The Blackstone 28 inches Griddle Cooking Station provides the large cooking surface required for large outdoor events. It has a durable, dense, cold-rolled steel grid cooking surface.

It is for outdoor fanatics in particular. Blackstone has been designed for use in the backyard or outdoor space. The 28-inch Blackstone grid is very popular because it whips up the food for a big crowd in less than an hour. It comes with two high heat range independently operated propane burners.

It can sear the meat quickly and easily. It also has the steel surface of the cold-rolled steel on top of it. Its function is to distribute the heat and keep the heat to keep the food warm.

Blackstone cook station’s stainless steel H-style burners deliver even heat distribution. The grid is easy to assemble and move folds. It has a lower shelf and one side shelf under the cooking surface, both of which can hold supplies at hand.

Handy fold-and-go configuration and adjustable grid top make the grid useful for many occasions and events. The Blackstone 28″ Griddle is easy to transport and set up, whether you’re camping, tailgating, or catering for an event.

2. Char-Broil 26″ 4 Burner Gas Griddle

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This4-burner Char-Broil stainless steel griddle will simultaneously cook different meals without any hassle.

You can use four independent controls to simultaneously cook eggs, pancakes, vegetables, beef, hamburgers, or seafood using four pre-seasoned, heavy-duty griddle top heating zones. It features 40,000 BTU’s spread across four independently operated burners and electronic ignition that is simple to use.

The durable structure of this gas grid is made from stainless steel. The grid is running on liquid propane.

In order to provide unmatched stability during cooking, it has folding side shelves and a tank storage circle cut out under the cooking surface.

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Depending on your needs or ground condition, the unit is simple to use, plus you have adjustable screws at each corner of the top to allow perfect leveling. The pre-seasoned steel grid surface of 778 square inches provides even heat & optimum cooking efficiency.

It has two metal side shelves, which are durable, providing more work and more space to prepare. They fold down for storage.

The Char-Broil sits on 2 large wheels and 2 locking casters to improve mobility

3. Royal Gourmet GD401 22″ Folding Gas Grill and Griddle

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If you’re looking for a good, energetic gas grid to make delicious food in your backyard, you’re just a step away from your target. The premium gas grid Royal Gourmet GD401 turns cooking into a real pleasure.

The GD401 comes with a dual cooking surface (flexible flat griddle and grill). Grill your favorite food with a minimum of 584 square inches on the wide cooking surface, using a simple button-pushed electronic ignition device.

You have four easy adjustment controls responsible for four stainless steel burners that provide truly great cooking with 48000 BTUs. The cooking surface of the GD401 uniformly distributes heat and protects the food in each of the four cooking areas from direct fire.

This grid’s folding side shelves are equipped with hooks for your cooking utensils, and there’s even a bottle opener that’s great for everyday use or a big event outside! Also, you have a removable grease cup for easy cleaning and safety, four heavy-duty lockable casters. And you can fold the legs within 15 minutes if you need to move your cooking station.

4. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill/Griddle 

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The Flat Top Grill is designed to cook quickly for many people! The huge total cooking area of the 604-square inch grid helps you to crank out food every hour for 50-100 people, and your party will never go hungry. With its wide grid and a heat dispersing grill system, the Camp Chef grill heats the food uniformly.

You can use the griddle for pancakes, bacon, hash browns, sausage, veggies and even boiling water. You can find a massive 501-square-inch grill underneath if you remove the griddle to make hamburgers, chicken, steaks, shish kabobs and more.

Camp Chef has ensured that the grid top is removable, making it super easy to transport and clean the grill.

Camp Chef used a small hole in the corner of the cooking surface very smartly, gathering all the oil/grease in a bucket using a funnel-shaped thing, making it much easier to handle.

Each burner adds up to your grill a heat value of 12,000 BTUs, so depending on the model you take, it could range from 36,000 BTUs to 72,000 BTUs to help you reach the desired temperature for all your grilling needs.

5. Blackstone Tabletop Grill

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This Blackstone 22′′ model will fit perfectly for a family of 4 or 5 persons. The size of the cooking surface is 330 square inches. However, it is still a good unit, because it can handle 44 burgers or 22 steaks on itself.

It is equipped with two independently controlled heat zones.

The grid is built using industrial materials for durability and ideal heat distribution (e.g. cold-rolled 10-gage steel grid top, commercial-grade casters, powder-coated steel frame).

The rear grease management system for cooking without mess and easy clean-up also features this model.

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The two burners in the “H” style provide even heat distribution for the best possible cooking throughout the entire grid. Stable from grassy hills to muddy ground on any surface, so you can eat delicious burgers, hot dogs, steaks, eggs and more!

You can cook anything with Blackstone anytime, at any place!

6. Cuisinart Gourmet Gas Griddle

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The Cuisinart Gourmet Gas Griddle is one of the best outdoor griddles because the cooking area is large. Two burners exist to allow you to cook at the same time two different food styles, which require a different temperature.

The surface is made of extra-thick cold-rolled steel. This means that the proper temperature is maintained and that the temperature also spreads around the grill surface. You won’t have to think about the cold and hot spots for your food because of this. You just have to rotate the burner knobs to get the right temperature in this grill. The exact temperature can be easily obtained. You should also adjust when you cook different foods regularly.

The design of this gas grid makes it easy to be transported. This gas griddle is ideal for camping, tailgating, hiking and other outdoor activities. The large cooking surface of the gas grid helps you, without any complications, to prepare a complete steak meal. This outdoor gas grid is durable and stainless.

7. Blackstone Portable Gas Griddle

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The Blackstone Portable Gas Griddle is an outdoor griddle. It has two different kinds of burners. The first is an H-shaped burner which uses a heating portion of a tube. This operates for 15,000 BTUs. There is also a cast-iron burner with 20,000 BTUs working. You can easily choose the burner which produces the right heat level for the food you cook.

As this burner is lightweight, transportation is simple. Take with you if you’re tailgating, or if you want your campsite to enjoy a great meal. The legs fold up on this grid to simplify the movement. You can use the burners at the same time so that your cooking experience can be easily adjusted. The open burner will accommodate pots and pans of various sizes in order to cook the food you need. The other Brenner provides a flat surface for meats and other proteins.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How To Clean An Outdoor Griddle?

How To Keep Outdoor Griddle From Rusting?

1. Cleaning Your Cooker

Cooker care starts and ends with cooking, without any doubt. Remove all remaining food and food particles whenever it is cooked, while the cooking surface is still warm. Then rin the warm surface, and allow it to dry carefully with water and some towels.

2. Seasoning Your Fire Disc

Keep your grid clean is just the first step in your cooker protection plan for the long term. You will need to season it and re-season it over time to keep your cooker ready to make mouthwatering meals. Seasoning helps not only to add some good tastes to your meals but also to keep your cooker clean.

  • Heat-resistant gloves 
  • Cooking oil of your choice (vegetable, olive, canola, coconut, etc.)
  • Timer
  • Paper towels

3. Storage Options

Select a clean, cool and dry section of your home if the griddle it’s not in use. It is essential to keep the cooking surface out of the elements to extend the cooker’s life without rust.

4. Covering Your Griddle

In addition to selecting an ideal location for storing your cooker, investing in a grid cover is useful. A sturdy cover helps protect the finish of the cooker from scratches and dust when it is idle. Make sure you choose a cover in the correct form and size to ensure that your griddle is fully protected during storage.

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