Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for MAC 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Choice
Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown Mechanical...
Good Choice
EagleTec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard Wired Ergonomic Clicky Blue Switch Equivalent for...
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Apple Magic Keyboard - US English, Includes Lighting to USB Cable, Silver
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Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative Input Dial and Backlit Keys, Dark...
Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown Mechanical...
EagleTec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard Wired Ergonomic Clicky Blue Switch Equivalent for...
Apple Magic Keyboard - US English, Includes Lighting to USB Cable, Silver
Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative Input Dial and Backlit Keys, Dark...
Best Choice
Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown Mechanical...
Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown Mechanical...
Good Choice
EagleTec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard Wired Ergonomic Clicky Blue Switch Equivalent for...
EagleTec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard Wired Ergonomic Clicky Blue Switch Equivalent for...
Don't Miss
Apple Magic Keyboard - US English, Includes Lighting to USB Cable, Silver
Apple Magic Keyboard - US English, Includes Lighting to USB Cable, Silver
Also Consider
Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative Input Dial and Backlit Keys, Dark...
Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative Input Dial and Backlit Keys, Dark...

Mac-book is an expensive machine and is capable of running almost all types of Bluetooth or USB input devices. If you own a Mac, it means that you aren’t on a strict budget and you wouldn’t want a cheap mouse or keyboard to compliment it. If you’re in the market for the best gaming keyboard for Mac, we have compiled some options that will help you choose one.

No matter what taste or budget you have, we have formulated a comprehensive list of excellent gaming keyboards that will look and perform best with your Mac book. The gaming keyboards on this list are packed with useful features for the gaming geeks out there and will look best with your sleek and stylish Mac-book. 

Top-Rated Gaming Keyboard for MAC

Our top picks for the best gaming keyboard for MAC

1. Das Keyboard 4 Professional – Best for professional gaming


  • Switches: Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown
  • Connection: USB
  • Key Rollover: NKRO
  • Numpad: Yes
  • Illumination: No
  • Macro keys: No
  • Media keys: Dedicated media controls
  • USB passthrough: Yes

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Review

The fourth generation of Das Keyboard 4 is the best one as it has an improved aesthetics and is packed with more features as compared to its predecessors. This gaming keyboard is perfect for your Mac as it is equipped with media controls which include buttons for playing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding.

The Keyboard features a cool combo of psycho-acoustic experience and tactile feel to deliver a superb gaming experience to its users. The Das Keyboard 4 features an oversized volume knob along with dedicated media controls located above the number pad.


The Das Keyboard 4 is perfect for gamers as well as for those who want to use it for typing purposes. It features Cherry MX Blue and brown keys both. The key function is quite tactile and smooth and there are Costar stabilizers present under the large keys too. Apart from this, the n-key rollover over USB is also supported and works with Mac OS X.


  • The top panel is made up of aluminum and is quite sturdy
  • It features sleep controls and other dedicated hardware media
  • It is available with Cherry MX Brown and Blue switches
  • It features integrated hub that supports USB 3.0
  • It features USB 3.0 passthroughs
  • The volume knob and footbar is cool


  • There are no macros or backlight
  • It is expensive

2. AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard – Best RGB Backlighting

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard


  • Switch: Outemu Blue Switches
  • Material: Plastic and brushed aluminum
  • Media keys: Available as secondary function
  • Anti-ghosting: full N-key rollover
  • RGB backlit: Yes

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard Review

AUKEY is a tech-based company in China and it is becoming popular because of its superb quality gaming peripherals. The AUKEY keyboard is a superb gaming keyboard for Mac. The keyboard is equipped with full N-key rollover which makes sure that no key goes unregistered.

This mechanical keyboard is backlit and includes 104 keys along with a ten-key pad too. There are blue switches under the keycaps that provide a tactile and responsive feedback. The keyboard also supports nine LED lighting effects.

The keyboard is not for you if you don’t like noisy keyboards because the switches produce squeaky sound. However, the keys give a fantastic and comfortable feel and are ideal for long gaming sessions. The keycaps are removable and the overall design of the keyboard is simple and stylish.


  • The keyboard features multiple built-in function keys
  • It features double shot molded keycaps
  • The key lock indicator panel is very handy
  • It has a water resistant design
  • It is affordable
  • The range of RGB is impressive


  • The N-key rollover is imperfect
  • The font on the keycaps is a bit cheap

3. Eagletec KG011 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best Overall


  • Material: aircraft-grade silver aluminum
  • Switches: Cherry MX blue
  • Backlit: Yes
  • Interface: USB
  • Wrist-rest: No

Eagletec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Eagletec KG011 is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a white keyboard. The keyboard has an ergonomic design and features 104 illuminated lights. This is a tough and durable keyboard and is perfect for long term use.

The keyboard has an anti-slip design which makes sure you don’t have to face any malfunctions or damage due to slipping. The switches are plate mounted, have an audible click sound, medium resistance, and feature a tactile bump feedback and precise actuation.

The keyboard has a sleek and stylish design and features 12 multimedia buttons. The keys are customizable and provide durability and longevity to the overall system. The console features numeric keys too as it is a full sized keyboard. The RGB lighting is good and has five different modes and brightness levels to choose from.


  • It has a sturdy base that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • The arrow keys and WASD are interchangeable
  • The tabs are conflict-free and anti-ghosting
  • The sharp blue LED lights offer clear visibility
  • The blue switches are clicky and tactile


  • It might be complicated for unskilled users
  • Power consumption is high

4. Azio MK Macagletec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard – Best Quiet Keyboard for MAC


  • Material: Aluminum frame/plate, ABS plastic bottom
  • Switch: Kailh Brown mechanical switch
  • Layout: 104 keys ANSI, MacOS layout
  • Macro support: No
  • Software: No
  • Media keys: dedicated volume control
  • Interface: Bluetooth
  • NKRO: 6-key rollover

Azio MK Macagletec KG011 Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Azio MK Mac keyboard features a basic design with aluminum and CNC edges, and a beautiful diamond cut logo that complements the layout of your Mac. It features exposed keys, media and brightness control features, and dashboard. The keyboard is a good choice for those who are looking for a quiet keyboard for gaming.

The keyboard features a full Mac layout with a numeric keypad. There is a palm rest which prevents your hand form fatigue during long gaming sessions and there is an onboard volume wheel that allows you to adjust the sound levels with ease. The wired keyboard comes with a 6-ft braided cable.


  • It has a simple design and easy to use interface
  • It has a nice clicky sound
  • It offers a fast access to volume control
  • The palm-rest is comfortable
  • It supports both Windows and MacOS platforms


  • The design seems to be a bit outdated
  • There are no USB ports

5. Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard – Best Powerful Keyboard


  • Software: Logitech Options on Mac OS 10.11 and above

Logitec Craft Keyboard Review

The Logitech Craft is another good keyboard option for the Mac users out there. It features a unique dome like dial which is called as ‘crown’ and it can be used to perform a variety of useful tasks. The Logitech keyboards are equipped with Logitech’s config software which is packed with interesting options for gamers.


The crown allows you to perform three functions: change the volume by turning to left or right, navigate between the apps by pressing and turning, and app expose by just pressing it. The key travel is good and it gives you a good feel when you press the keys. The keyboard features a 1500 mAh battery life which is amazing; you don’t have to charge it for a month after fully charging it.


  • It features good actuation point
  • It offers a tactile key response
  • It can be customized for productivity
  • The surface dial-like knob is quite handy
  • The software is powerful
  • It offers decent key travel


  • It’s a bit bulky
  • There is limited access to software


6. Macally Full-Size USB Wired keyboard – Best for Beginners


  • Switch: Macally QKEY
  • Interface: USB
  • Number of keys: 104
  • System requirement: Mac OS X 10.3 and above

Macally Full-Size USB Wired keyboard Review

The Macally full-sized USB wired keyboard is another good option for those who are looking to pair up with their Mac. The keyboard has a standard layout and it features 104 keys for a smooth and comfortable writing experience. It is a stylish keyboard which gives you a premium feel at an affordable rate.

The keyboard is quiet easy to use and doesn’t require any driver of software to be installed on your Mac. It features 16 shortcut keys and a 17-key numeric pad. The good thing about this keyboard is that it is good to go for the right and left handed users both. The keyboard is compatible with Mac and Windows both and helps in increasing productivity. The cable is long 5 feet one which allows you to connect to Mac easily.


  • It has a simple design
  • The USB cable is long
  • There are no drivers or software required
  • There is no charging or syncing required
  • It provides a comfortable and smooth typing experience


  • There is no way to save the disable key


7. Velocifire M87 – Best budget keyboard


  • Switch: Brown
  • Material: aluminum, ABS painting and laser keycaps
  • OS support: MacOS
  • Connector type: USB 2.0
  • Backlit: LED white

Velocifire M87 Review

The Velocifire M87 is a gorgeous tenkeyless keyboard and is perfect for you if you want a compact design. It is one of the best mechanical keyboards for Mac as it is available at a very reasonable price and delivers excellent value for money. The keyboard features slightly curved keycaps which make typing more comfortable.

The keyboard is very easy to use; you just have to plug and play and there is no remapping required. The Brown switches are tactile and provide a quiet and long-lasting experience for the gamers and typists. The bottom feet is elevated and gives an ergonomic touch to the keyboard. You can easily use the Velocifire in dark as it is backlit.


  • It has a compact layout
  • It pairs automatically with the Mac
  • It has a sleek and stylish design
  • It features beautiful white backlighting
  • There is no need to install any extra driver or software
  • The brown switches give you a perceptible feedback


  • There is no number pad
  • Sometimes the feet slide

8. Azio Artisan Bluetooth Keyboard – Best Aesthetic Design


  • Switch type: Kaihl Blue Switches
  • Material: ABS plastic bottom
  • Anti-ghosting: 6-key rollover
  • Interface: USB or Bluetooth 4.0
  • Layout: 104 key ANSI

Azio Artisan Bluetooth Keyboard Review

The Azio Artisan Bluetooth Keyboard is a very unique one and has a gorgeous design. It has a luxurious look which includes lettering on back, chrome material, and circular keys. The plate is covered with leather and the frame is plated with zinc aluminum alloy. The keys feature a matte copper finish and offer a nice tactile feel.

Overall, the design is pretty awesome and the copper detailing is the cherry on top. The keyboard has no configuration software but it does furnish some key combos for white backlighting. There are two modes for lighting: reactive and breathing and there are brightness adjustment combos too. The key switches offer excellent performance for gaming and typing.


  • It features smooth and clicky blue switches
  • It is compatible with Mac and PC both
  • It has a sturdy build and is available in four colors
  • It offers dual usage; USB or Bluetooth
  • It has a luxurious typewriter design


  • It is very expensive
  • There are no USB hub ports

9. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard – Best Battery Life


  • Interface: USB
  • Wireless: Yes
  • Wireless receiver: USB
  • Dedicated multimedia keys: Yes
  • Battery life: 3 months

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard Review

Logitech is the only company that features solar powered keyboards. The keyboard features a small USB wireless receiver dongle, a glossy finish, a USB extension adapter, and two solar panels at the top of the keyboard. The Logitech K750 is a simple yet advanced keyboard and has a very lightweight and compact design.

The keyboard charges automatically even when there is low light. The keyboard charges fully when it is put into light and after being fully charged you don’t need to charge it for three months. The best thing about this keyboard is its battery that lasts for long. The keyboard also features a power monitoring app that allows you to keep a check on your battery usage.


  • It is solar powered
  • It features long battery life
  • It is available at an affordable price
  • It features Mac standard keys and full keyboard layout
  • It has a lightweight and portable design
  • The Solar app software allows you to connect to other devices easily


  • There is no Bluetooth
  • It is not ergonomic

10. Apple Magic Keyboard – Best Minimalistic Design


  • Key switches: Scissor
  • Material: aluminum chassis
  • Backlighting: No
  • Cable: Yes (detachable)
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Media keys: Hot keys

Apple Magic Keyboard Review

The Apple Magic keyboard has a compact design and it will look awesome with your Mac. It has an enhanced scissor key mechanism as compared to its predecessors and the key travel is smaller too. If we talk about the design, it has a sleek and gorgeous design and is equipped with all the features that you need for gaming.

Though it doesn’t offer much customization, there are function keys that allow you to use them as Mac interface keys. The keyboard is available in two versions: with and without the numpad. It has an excellent build quality as it has a tough aluminum chassis and the keys have a low profile. The keyboard doesn’t feature backlighting and thus it isn’t suitable for dark rooms.


  • It has a clean and minimalistic design
  • It offers a comfortable typing experience
  • It has a sturdy build
  • The key travel is low
  • Battery life is great
  • It works smoothly with Mac


  • There is no backlighting
  • There is no app support for customization

Things you MUST KNOW before choosing your Best Gaming Keyboard for MAC

Gaming Keyboard for MAC

Not all keyboards are same, and thus it is imperative that you choose the right keyboard that suits your system. So before you start your search for the best keyboards, there are some important considerations that you must look for. Also, a keyboard that is best for PC might not be the best for your Mac book. Pay attention to the following factors before you choose the best gaming keyboard for Mac

MacOS system support

MacOS system support is very necessary because it helps you to connect with the system more smoothly. There is a particular Mac keyboard layout and there are specific features that these keyboards are equipped with. If your keyboard doesn’t support some of these functions, you won’t be able to get the most out of your Mac. If the keyboard is compatible with Mac, this provides an improved user experience and you can enhance your gaming performance too.

Mechanical or not?

Mechanical keyboards are back in business because their counterparts or not as responsive as they are. However, it totally depends on you whether you want to go mechanical or not. The only sad news is that there are very few mechanical keyboards that are designed especially for Mac.

Wireless or wired?

If you are concerned about mobility, then wireless technology is a good choice for your keyboard. However, you won’t get the same performance as the wired Mac keyboard as the wired ones are more functional. The wired keyboards are simpler to use and more responsive as compared to the wireless ones. Also, there is battery issue because you need to charge the wireless ones frequently.

Tenkeyless or not?

Keyboards with numberpads are larger and less portable. If you are looking for a compact gaming keyboard, then go for the tenkeyless one. Most of the gamers don’t need the numpad; if you use your Mac only for gaming purposes, then it’s good to consider a tenkeyless one.


Style also plays an important role here; who would want an ugly or cheap looking keyboard to pair with the Mac? Mac is stylish and slim and thus most of the keyboards for Mac are sleek too. There are some manufacturers that design very thin keyboards too and most of them are grey colored. Many Mac keyboards are equipped with convenience keys too for adjusting brightness, volume, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gaming Keyboard for MAC

Will a PC or any other keyboard work on a Mac?

Yes, a PC keyboard can work on Mac. But there are no native Mac keycap prints on some keys such as there’s no CMD key (there will be Windows key instead). There are no Mac labels on the function keys for controls such as Launchpad, Mission control, screen brightness and others.

You will be able to type characters and use the function buttons but won’t be able to perform the advanced functions such as volume control, dimming the screen, and more.

Are Macs compatible with Bluetooth keyboards?

Macs are compatible with the Bluetooth keyboards as they have Bluetooth module and they go very well with Bluetooth enabled keyboards.

How can I insert emoji using Mac keyboard?

To insert the emoji, use the keyboard shortcut ‘Command – Control – Spacebar’. Now double click the emoji and it will be inserted wherever you have pointed the cursor.


Apple Mac books are gaining popularity because of their advanced features and they are now the hot favorite of gaming geeks. This is the reason many keyboard manufacturers have started designing keyboards that complement Mac and are compatible with the machine.

Whether you’re looking forward to make it to the top of the leaderboard in your favorite game, or enhance your gameplay along with your team mates, the keyboards reviewed in this post will do the thing for you. The products mentioned here are one of the best gaming keyboards for Mac.

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