10 Best Budget Electric Skateboards 2023 – Detailed Guide

Traditional skateboards are great, but your speed is limited, and it can be difficult to learn how to ride. The trending skateboards these days are electric skateboards that attracted the attention of everyone.

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Not only they are stylish, elegant, smart, but they are also technologically advanced and have all the features we have wanted in our modern skateboards.

Due to their battery-powered engines, they are faster than normal skateboards and often have learning modes for new riders.

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Electric skateboards are a great form of transport and enjoyment.

Their price is not as cheap as the normal models. If you’re one of those people who, because of their high prices, don’t buy an electric skateboard, we’ve made a list with the best budget electric skateboards.

Best Budget Electric Skateboards

1. BLITZART Huracane

Blitzart is one of the world’s top electric skateboard makers, and no exception is the BLITZART Huracane. Although single-engine power it, it has more than enough power to propel up to 17 miles an hour on the board.

The Huracane uses a single 350-watt brushless in-hub engine in the left rear wheel.

In-hub engines’ great thing is that you can always use the board normally if the batteries are running out, so you can kick off quickly. You can’t do this with a motor-driven by a chain.

The panel has a 36V, 4Ah Li-ion replaceable battery pack, which can power the Huracane for a full charge from 6 to 8 miles. In just two hours, when it comes to charging, the battery pack of Huracane can be charged entirely.

Also, regenerative braking is possible with a single motor. It means the engines charge the battery pack a little when you put the brakes on and increase the battery mileage.

If you are not aggressive and efficiently using the regenerative braking feature, you can push the maximum range a bit.

The rollers have a diameter of 90 mm and are made of sturdy and flexible polyurethane. You also can change the colors of the wheels to customize the board you purchase. Apart from the basic black, there are several bright colors.

BLITZART Huracane is the best budget electric skateboard in 2023.

2. SWAGTRON SwagBoard

In the electrical industry, Swagtron is a well-known name. People at Swagtron turned to the electric skateboard market after their customers became addicted to high-quality hoverboards.

The first edition, SwagBoard NG-1, has been a huge success for them. This inexpensive electric skateboard has some limitations, but when it comes to performance, it does shine.

The Swagtron SwagboardNG-1 skateboard battery is located at the rear of the frame. Throughout power transmission, the cables connected to the motorized wheel are balanced at zero loss.

The battery size (14.76″x 3.74″ X 1.38) “and the net weight of the battery of 410 grams make the motor extremely powerful.

The battery charging time is about 4 hours, according to the manufacturers. The battery and motor mounting appear to have a relatively low 10-mile range.

However, the system allows you to change speed and torque randomly without taking additional battery power.

If you are a beginner, this set of roles is strongly recommended. The fundamentals of operating safely on different terrains and road conditions can easily be discussed with the Swagtron Swagboard NG-1.

The single-wheel-based motor produces enough torque and power. Based on the modulated voltage supply, the integrated power transmission will rotate the wheel optimally at RPM.

The control box is able to regulate the current flow from the battery into the engine which can rotate it in two directions.

The Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 Polyurethane wheels (non-motorized) are designed to provide maximum road friction resistance, reverse drag, rider weight vertical tension, and the reverse torque produced by the wheels themselves.

3. ACTON Blink S-R

ACTON Blink S-R 

Unlike any other electric skateboard you would see on the market, the Acton Blink S-R has a 27.5 “long deck with an 8” width that is a bit shorter than a skateboard from the old school.

It’s foolishly thin and It weighs only 10 lbs, making it easy to carry or attach to a backpack.

The Blink S-R is fitted with LED headlights, taillights and two light strips down either side of the frame. This is a useful feature. The lights help you see at night, but they allow you to be seen at night and during the day.

With 83 mm 78A wheels, the Acton Blink S-R rolls.

The 83’s are some of the smallest wheels you’ll find these days. I think Acton chose this wheel size to give the rider as close as possible to a regular skate vibe.

The small wheels also provide a higher top speed and agility that is perfect for city skating.

The Acton Blink S-R uses 500 watts of a single hub configuration. With an intelligent battery management device, the battery is 36 volts, so you can be sure that the battery is safe.

The engine and battery system gives you a top speed of 16 mph, which Acton claims it was tested when the driver was 165 pounds, the weather was good and the road was smooth. Which means you might not get to 16 mph at all times.

The hub engines are very quiet People won’t notice you when you snap on them, so take great care when riding past shop fronts or when there are many people around.

Both variables also influence the degree to which the electric skateboard can go on a charge, so if you go faster than 9 mph you may not get the the7-mile range. As for the peaks, the rate of inclination is 15%. It takes 45-60 minutes for the battery to recharge.

4. Vokul V1

The VOKUL V1 is powered by a single 350-watt in-hub engine, which can hold a maximum load of about 200 pounds and accelerate to a top speed of 13 miles per hour.

This skateboard’s power comes from its 4.4Ah lithium battery, which can be fully charged in two hours.

The VOKUL V1 can also go uphill, it can climb up 10% of grade roads, and you may need to push it a little.

There is also regenerative braking on this board. It means braking turns the engine into a small generator that charges the board’s battery. When using regenerative braking properly, you can increase the battery range.

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The VOKUL V1 deck is made up of seven layers of maple laminated together. It means the deck is more than flexible enough to withstand the bumps and dips on the road.

The wheels are just standard skateboard wheels made of polyurethane. You can swap them out for wheels that you want.

Because there is only one motor in the VOKUL V1 and the batteries are not as heavy as in other electric skateboards, this board is very lightweight.

It’s easy to carry under your belt, and compact enough to fit into your backpack. You can take this skateboard easily by bus or train.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Skateboards Legal?

Electric skateboards are growing in popularity and they are used in most major towns worldwide, despite the absence of exact laws that allow them.

There are already published laws in some places worldwide, allowing the use of electric skateboards in several public places.

California riders can use electric skateboards on bicycle routes and roads in California, as long as they wear a helmet and the rider is more than 16.

You also need light and reflection, which in practice usually makes it possible for most cops to avoid too much trouble with a group of shreds or the like.

However, skateboards with a propulsion system of less than 1000 W and a maximum speed of 20 mph are allowed.

The Michigan House of Representatives has recently passed legislation that would require electric skateboards to ride the same lanes as bicycles and cars.

This bill provides for a speed limit to 25 kilometers for electric skateboards. Before it takes effect, it would still have to be accepted by the Senate.

Are Electric Skateboards Easy To Ride?

electric skateboard

The basics of riding the skateboard remain the same, whether it’s the usual skateboard or an electric skateboard. That being said, the feeling is entirely different when you attach an engine and turn it into an electric one. So you have to be familiar with that feeling.

Practice makes a man good, so you have to practice e-skateboard before you do it. It’s safer to do it on an open terrain where the danger is less and less.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Like normal skateboards, Electric skateboards can be risky. It has to do with the skills and care of the person who is riding around him. However, electric skateboards certainly are only for experienced riders and thrill-seekers.

The selection of the right e skateboard is another factor that ensures your safety on an electric skateboard.

It would be best if you chose the electric skateboard that is most comfortable for you, with different products that are on the market in various sizes and weights.

An uncomfortable ride and even injuries could ruin the whole experience.

Is It Difficult To Maintain Balance On A Electric Skateboard?

If you were not on a skateboard before, that’s hard. While the board is in motion it’s even harder to maintain balance.

Furthermore, as is most normal in life, the more effectively you perform certain tasks or skills, the more productive the ability/activity you become.

Nobody ever gets on a bike and knows how to get without slipping from one end of the door. Balancing an e-skateboard (and riding) or any skateboard in the area is essential.

You should practice to learn it.

Can Electric Skateboard Be Used As A Normal Skateboard?

Yes, the e-skateboard can be used as a normal skateboard. But it is strongly discouraged that they are used in this way.

Electric skateboards have one (or two) motors, which may damage the skatepark if taken for a ride. E-skateboards have hundreds of electrical components that can explode when damaged.

This could be fatal and most likely harmful.

Does size and weight matter a lot?

Many boards can only hold as many pounds (usually 220-240). The board size correlates with the board’s “full weight capacity” because larger boards and wider boards typically have greater power wattages in their motors.

The Swagtron Voyager, for example, has a length of 42 “–MASSIVE. It is so long, though, that people weighing 330lbs will carry this-making it an excellent pick for people with heavy-duty.

Can Electric Skateboards Go Uphill?

If you are going up a hill, the most important factor is the hill’s incline or gradient. In degrees or percentages, the slope of the road or the sidewalk is determined. (10% is equivalent to approximately 5.7 degrees).

Even budget electric skateboards can go at least 5% uphill.

The higher the engine speed, the more chance your skateboard will conquer the steep hills. As you would imagine, electric skateboards are designed into a large range of watt, measured power levels. Most of the low-end e-boards have a 100-watt engine at least.

Electric skateboard requires a lot of electricity. It requires a high capacity for the battery. The battery drains quicker when it goes up a steep gradient (about 20 percent).

Therefore, you must maintain your battery capacity with various riding strategies so that you can go uphill.

Just like with E-bikes, the weight of a rider is important. The higher your weight, the more strength you need to go uphill. With a standard electric skateboard, a 70-kg driver will easily go up.

The premium engine type is better for riders weighing more than 80 kg.

What should be the normal range of an e-skateboard in one complete charge?

This entirely depends on the engine and power wattage of the board manufacturer. The total distance from one board to another is about 13 miles and the “standard distance” of one board is about 20 miles. This is because the engine of the panel will range from 350W to 500Wto750W.

Can You Bring Electric Skateboards On Planes?

Yeah, you can take it. Electric skateboards can be carried on an airplane if their battery capacity less than 160 Wh.

But the last word is from airlines, and some of them will not let your board travel. All batteries with capacities of more than 160 Wh are not permitted to be transported on airplanes.

Battery sizes ranging from 100 to 160 Wh will require airline approval and will only be allowed as carrying baggage.

Because of the large battery size, most e-boards are not equipped for air travel.

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