10 Best 55 Inch TV for Gaming 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

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Gaming televisions have gained immense popularity over the years. These versatile units work as both Smart television and gaming equipment depending on the requirement. The latest models are embedded with a high dynamic range, faster refresh rate, quick response, higher screen resolution, and sharp contrast.

Therefore, they display higher efficiency than computer monitors and traditional TV sets. This article presents you with the 10 best 55-inch TVs for gaming based on refresh rate, image resolution, responsiveness, dynamic range, and voice control.

55 Inch TV for Gaming Top Picks

1. Sony X900H 55-inch TV

Sony X900H 55-inch TV

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Sony X900H 55-inch TV is a budget-friendly option and offers exceptional performance benefits. Featuring 4K resolution the tool offers real-world experience and is ideal for daily use. The advanced color contrast and scheme offer enhanced visual appeal and are admired by a wide variety of consumers.

The improved contrast and sharp dark settings are attributed to the X-tended Dynamic Range. Similarly, we also liked the brighter highlights generated by the dynamic range technology which allowed us to enjoy the cinematic experience by sitting at home. Besides this, another significant attribute of the system is its compatibility with the PlayStation.

Users need to enter the gaming mode of teh appliance and enjoy the gaming feature with improved responses and reflexes. The inclusion of the HDMI 2.1 standards coupled with VRR and 4K settings lead to extraordinary output with smooth motion and enhanced frame rate.

Along with this, the gadget also provides a voice control feature that allows you to control the Smart TV using the built-in Alexa and offers effortless access to a great variety of content. Finally, you can install the Sony mobile application and control the apparatus using your smartphone.


  • Build-in Alexa
  • Voice Control
  • Compatibility with PlayStation
  • X-tended Dynamic Range
  • Sharp color contrast.


  • Non-removable ads

Sony X900H 55-inch TV is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency. The system is incorporated with Alexa that enables voice typing features and allows easy access to a diverse range of online content. Moreover, the X-tended dynamic range provides bright contrast and is associated with improved visual appeal. Last but not least, the compatibility with PlayStation for reduced input lag and exceptional response makes it stand out among the rest of its competitors.

2. SAMSUNG 55-Inch Ultra HD TV

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Ultra HD TV

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SAMSUNG 55-Inch Ultra HD TV is an outstanding and remarkable product that is equipped with some of the unrivaled features. The 4K depth coupled with the Dynamic Range generates sharp color contrast among the images and offers a high-quality resolution. Thereby allowing you to enjoy the theater experience at home without any extra charge.

Available at a reasonable price range, the device optimizes the performance efficiency of the system to a great extent and displays a vibrant image that is admired by a wide variety of consumers. In addition to this, the tool is also ideal for gaming and is highly recommended for all the game lovers out there.

Its enhanced compatibility with multiple gaming equipment allows users to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience. We were surprised to find out the multiple connectivity technologies integrated into the unit despite its small budget. They enable you to connect the equipment with your television model in a variety of ways.

They include wireless technology, USB Bluetooth technology, and HDMI. The item features built-in Alexa and Google Assistant that can be controlled using one smart remote control. Similarly, the unique outlook of the model along with its durable nature is ideal for the majority of the consumers.


  • Multiple connectivity technologies
  • OneRemote Control
  • Perfect for gaming
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Difficult to set-up

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Ultra HD TV is a highly recommended product for a diverse range of consumers out there in the market. The equipment is associated with multiple connectivity routes that enable you to connect it with gaming apparatus via Bluetooth and wireless technology alongside USB and HDMI. Furthermore, the high dynamic range of the system provides beautiful color contrasts that improve its aesthetic appeal.

3. Hisense 55-Inch Roku Smart TV

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Hisense 55-Inch Roku Smart TV is another extraordinary gadget included in the list of best 55 inch TV for gaming. Offering exceptional brightness and sharp contrast, the equipment never fails to improve its consumers and always comes up with unique and eccentric attributes.

The smooth motion and quick response of the material ensure unrivaled performance efficiency and add five stars to the performance of the television model. Similarly, the 4K resolution generates high-quality video that is characterized by a real-life experience and does not disappoint you in any aspect.

Apart from this, the 240 image-processing rate reduces the lag to a great extent and improves the responsiveness of the system. We observed output offered by the television product was free of blurriness and distortions and was characterized by utmost efficiency and resolution. Thus, all these factors combine together to make the equipment suitable for gamers of diverse backgrounds including beginners.

Additionally, the one-touch access and single remote control operator allow effortless access to a variety of television channels and other online streaming services. Finally, the gadget can also be operated using the android Smartphone or iOS software via Roku TV remote application. Just install the mobile application and control all the features of your device with a single touch.


  • Smart app control
  • 240 image processing
  • Reduction in lag
  • Decreased image distortion
  • 4K resolution


  • Firmware Issues

Hisense 55-Inch Roku Smart TV is associated with a reduction in lag and improved motion response that is ideal for professional gamers as well as beginners. Moreover, the item does not lead to image distortion or blurriness and offers a 4K resolution at an extremely reasonable price range. Smart application control enables users to control the equipment using smartphones without exerting much effort.

4. LG 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV

LG 55" 4K Smart OLED TV

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LG 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV is renowned for its high-quality construction, unrivaled attributes, and high working efficiency. Integrated with millions of pixels that combine together to generate high illumination, the object is associated with remarkable brightness. The OLED functionality of the tool is capable of turning off the pixels by itself independent of the other attributes of the device.

During our trial sessions, the equipment displayed fast responses without any motion blur or image distortions and allowed us to access a great amount of online content easily. In addition to this, the all-in-one remote ensured complete control over the item while enabling a voice typing feature at the same time.

This LG Smart TV is associated with the 7 Generation 4K processor that generates powerful audio and high-quality images. Hence, you would experience real-life-like conditions while playing video games on the unit. Its advanced processor supports a variety of gaming tools including PlayStation.

In fact, the system is specially designed for gaming and is highly compatible with modern gaming technologies including FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC. Other incredible characteristics of the model include lag reduction, increased image processing rate, enhanced refresh rate, and much more.


  • Compatible with gaming technology
  • Improved image processing
  • Lag reduction
  • Powerful audio
  • Self-illuminating pixels


  • Expensive

LG 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV is a highly popular unit available in the market these days and is specifically designed for gaming applications. Television is capable of generating powerful audio and high-quality images that are not characterized by any distortion. Along with this, the self-illuminating pixels incorporated in the system improve its brightness and make it stand out among its competitors.

5. Sony A90J 55 Inch TV

Sony A90J 55 Inch TV

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Sony A90J 55 Inch TV is one of the highly popular gaming televisions included in the list of best 55 inch TV for gaming and is embedded with unparalleled features. Like its previously mentioned counterparts and its predecessors in the industry, this object is also capable of producing an almost infinite contrast ratio.

This is attributed to the inclusion of self-emitting pixels in the system which also contributes to enhanced brightness. The improved contrast ratio in turn amplifies the resolution and quality of the image and displays an unrivaled theater experience. Similarly, the wide color gamut along with the 55-inch large screen also contributes to HDR display.

The instantaneous response time reduces system lag, motion blurring and is perfect for gaming purposes. Apart from this, the HDMI ports and Dolby Vision support enhance the abilities of the gadget to a great extent and make it ideal for a diverse range of gaming tools and technologies.

Furthermore, we found that the wide angles and reflection handling abilities of the gaming television offered extraordinary results that made it the best among others available in the market. Finally, the object is perfect for gamers due to its rapid response and absence of motion blurs.


  • self-emitting pixels
  • Dolby Vision support
  • Remarkable reflection handling
  • Infinite contrast ratio
  • Instantaneous response


  • Lacks variable refresh rate

Sony A90J 55 Inch TV is another exceptional item designed by Sony and does not disappoint consumers in terms of quality construction and efficient performance. The wide angles and incredible contrast ratio ensure a high-resolution display. Moreover, the reflection handling abilities reduce the reflection of the viewing screen and are admired by the majority of consumers including us.

6. VIZIO 55-Inch M-Series TV

VIZIO 55-Inch M-Series TV

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VIZIO 55-Inch M-Series TV is different from other units mentioned above and displays a unique design. Its overall modern outlook alongside the durable construction improves its long life and increases its versatility. The fantastic black uniformity and sharp contrast are the highlights of the model.

However, the most surprising element for us was the full-array local dimming. This characteristic of the system performed exceptionally well throughout the trial sessions and offered utmost efficiency. In addition to this, there was blurriness observed in the motion or image distortion.

The reason for this is the fast response of the apparatus which makes it suitable for gaming purposes. Similarly, a black frame insertion feature is also incorporated in the unit which allows you to decrease the blurriness to a great extent and contributes to the high resolution of the gadget.

Another prominent attribute of the Vizio M series is the excellent color scheme and improved brightness which amplifies your video gaming experience and offers a 3-D feeling. The TV is highly recommended for darkroom settings where it will display its full potential and will not fail to amaze you.


  • Excellent black uniformity
  • Reduced blur
  • Black frame insertion
  • Ideal for dark settings
  • Versatile


  • Poor Viewing angles

VIZIO 55-Inch M-Series TV is a mid-range device available at an affordable price across the market. The model is renowned for its outstanding black uniformity and sharp color contrast. Furthermore, the apparatus also enables black frame insertion which is associated with reduced blurriness and image distortion. Such objects are perfect for darkroom settings where they generate high brightness and perform according to their full potential.

7. SAMSUNG 55-Inch QLED Smart TV


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SAMSUNG 55-Inch QLED Smart TV is the last product included in the list of best 55 inch TV for gaming and falls under the mid-price range gadgets. This 55 inches large 4K television ensures high-quality output with utmost resolution and large numbers of pixels.

Integrated with a Turbo+ motion Xcelerator, the material is associated with a reduction in image distortion and reflection falling on the display screen. Along with this, multi-functional LED lights are capable of producing both cold and warm backlights that generate a sharp contrast ratio.

Samsung OLED TV is admired for its ability to generate 100% color volume that can be seen on its wide-angle large display screen. These combinations of vibrant colors feel pleasing to the eyes and offer a real-life-like experience to video gamers. The durable and sturdy construction of the unit is its strong component and protects it against external damage.

Thus, you do not need to worry about accidentally damaging the device. Lastly, the built-in Alexa feature allows you to access a huge variety of online content and provides voice control over the whole substance. Just install the Samsung mobile application and control the TV by clicking on your smartphone screen without any difficulty.


  • Voice Control
  • 100% color volume
  • Multifunction LED backlight
  • Turbo+ motion Xcelerator
  • Wide-angle display


  • Difficult Setup

SAMSUNG 55-Inch QLED Smart TV is a budget-friendly tool that is performance efficient and performs exceptionally well in various functions. The 100% color volume embedded in the substance offers a vibrant display screen that is loved by a wide variety of users. Similarly, the Turbo+ motion Xcelerator decreases distortions and improves the overall abilities of the device. Hence, it is highly recommended for daily use.

What to Look for When Purchasing the Best 55 Inch TV for Gaming

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Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is of great importance when buying a new TV for yourself especially if you are a gamer. Resolution is associated with the number of pixels. These pixels combine together to generate an image on the television screens. Better the quality of the picture, higher the resolution of the image, and vice versa.

The number of pixels in a picture help define its details and sharpness and thus, contribute to aesthetic appeal. It is advised to always look for objects that have a resolution of 4K or higher for efficient results. The 4K resolution offers Ultra-high Definition output and is essential for large screens. The resolution is directly related to the size of the screen and thus, higher resolution and more pixels are required with increasing screen size.

High Dynamic Range

It is the latest feature included in some items available across the market. This characteristic is embedded in 4K television where they offer high color saturation and enable the gadget to deliver vibrant colors. Thereby making them different and more efficient than standard 4K and other television.

Modern units are also incorporated with Dolby Vision technology that is the advanced form of High Dynamic Range. It not only improves the visual display but also generates surround sound which is perfect for video gaming activities. Various well-known brands including Samsung, Vizio, Sony, etc. all include Dolby vision technology in their models for unrivaled efficiency.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate should also be carefully considered when purchasing the best 55-inch tv for gaming. It is defined as the rate of pictures being refreshed on the screen. It is advised to look for tools that are integrated with a high refresh rate. The average rate for the majority of the components is 60 times per second.

However, there are other highly specialized objects that can refresh the picture up to 120 times per second. Mostly, blur images and distortions are produced if a slow refresh rate of 60/sec is produced for fast-moving objects and thus, you should choose a gadget with a higher refresh rate for incredible results.

HDMI and USB ports

Next up on the list are the HDMI and USB ports and other connectivity options. Looking for the number of such ports and input slots a tool offers can benefit you in the future to a great extent. You might need to connect multiple things at a time to your television screen and fewer spots may get occupied quickly, thereby leaving you with no room to connect other objects.

In order to avoid such situations, you should search for televisions that are integrated with ample amounts of USB and HDMI ports to resolve all your concerns. Apart from this, technology for wireless connections is also of utmost importance and must never be neglected in this regard. They include Bluetooth and wireless remote control substances that can help transfer data between various devices efficiently and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is better, OLED or QLED?

Both OLED and OLED technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages that either elevate or degrade their performance to a great extent. However, from an industrial point of view, QLED is preferred over its OLED counterpart because of its improved brightness, and large screen size. Moreover, they are cost-effective and are affordable for a wide variety of consumers.

Does TV size affect gaming?

Yes, TV size does have some benefits when it comes to gaming however it isn’t necessary. Most consumers report that a large screen size makes it easier to play and enjoy a video game even when sitting farther from the screen which is not the case with desktop computers or laptops. Similarly, you might have to compromise with portability while using large-screen television sets. Thus, the convenience and performance totally depend on your requirements.

Is a 4K TV worth it for gaming?

Indeed a 4K TV offers a lot of benefits that are tempting for most pro gamers as well as for beginners. It is one of the best options when it comes to gaming as these items are renowned for their quick response, reduced lag, decreased motion issues, and image distortions, and faster refresh rate. All these factors combine together to provide high-quality results which seem visually appealing.

Wrapping Up

The growing popularity of Smart TVs for gaming purposes has attracted many manufacturers including Samsung, Sony, and Vizio. Thus, various products have been introduced over the years that are embedded with high dynamic range technology, HDMI ports, fast refresh rate, higher screen resolution, and enhanced brightness. Based on these factors, the following items are the best among their competitors.

Sony X900H 55-inch TV for its built-in Alexa, compatibility with PlayStation, X-tended dynamic range, sharp color contrast, and voice control.

Hisense 55-Inch Roku Smart TV because of its smart app control 240 image processing speed, decreased image distortion, 4K resolution, and reduction in lag.

VIZIO 55-Inch M-Series TV due to its exceptional black uniformity. black frame insertion, suitability for dark settings, versatility, and decreased blurriness.

Hence, they are highly recommended for those looking for the best 55-inch tv for gaming.

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